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Ukraine: AMKR dismisses Rybachuk

ArcelorMIttal Kriviy Rih has dismissed three members of the supervisory board ahead of time. Among them is the ex-head of the President Secretariat Oleg Rybachuk. According to the company statement, Frantisek Chowaniec and Gerhard Renz have also been dismissed. At the same time ArcelorMittal Berislav has dismissed Wilhelmer Michael from the office of the supervisory…


Ukraine: scrap prices to fall

The state enterprise “Ukrpromvneshexpertiza” believes scrap prices to fall in the summer period. Local prices will be on the level of 3300-4100 UAH per ton till mid-July, and 3300-3800 UAH per ton till mid-August. HMS 1&2 CIF Turkey will cost $210-250 per ton. In May – early June scrap price dropped from $325 per ton…


Ukraine: metal works get 20% less scrap

In May Ukraine received 301 thousand tons of scrap while it needed 375 thousand tons. “Scrap deficiency went up 2 times YoY from the year start”, said Interpipe finance director Denis Morozov. The company explains increase of the scrap deficiency in May with the activization of exports. Despite the court decree 113 thousand tons of…


Ukraine: Trubostal appoints CEO

The supervisory board of Trubostal has dismissed Vladimir Dzyuba from the office of the general director and appointed Vladimir Sparinyak, who previously worked as the sales director of Metinvest SMC. Dzyuba was appointed on February 1, 2015. Sparinyak has been appointed till December 31, 2016. In 2015 Trubostal received 4 million UAH of net profits,…


Ukraine: Svet Shakhtera elects chairman

The supervisory board of the machine-building works “Svet Shakhtera” has appointed Alexander Kovalchuk chairman of the board. According to the company statement, Irina Kiryanova, Gennady Vysotsky, Alexander Dyatlov, Vadim Leontiev and Vadim Dergousov have been appointed members of the supervisory board. At the same time Larisa Rak, Victor Kirilenko and Leonid Yevglevsky have been dismissed…


Ukraine: Metallurgprom forecast on metal output in July 2016

In July Ukraine will produce 2.2 million tons of steel, 2.1 million tons of pig iron and 1.9 million tons of rolled metal, Metallurgprom believes. Railroaders strike in late May – early June paralyzed raw materials and products deliveries to and from some metal and coke companies, and this resulted in a considerable decrease of…