Ukraine: scrap deliveries improve

In April Ukrainian metal companies received 290 thousand tons of scrap, up by 25 thousand tons MoM, or 95% of the need. In January-April metallurgists received 1 million tons of scrap, up by 15% YoY, and 82% of the need. Scrap stocks at metal companies in April increased by 20 thousand tons, to 115 thousand…


Kazakhstan prohibits scrap exports

Kazakhstan has imposed a 6-months prohibition on ferrous scrap and waste exports. The corresponding Ministry of investments and development decree comes into effect 10 days after its official printing, or from May 27. The goal of this action is to support the local metal industry. On August 1, 2016 Kazakhstan already imposed a 6-months prohibition…


Russia: Sverdlovsk machine-builders demanding 34 million rubles from ChMK

Uraldomnoremont-Yekaterinburg LLC has laid claims to Chelyabinsk Iron and Steel Works. The amount of claims is 34.2 million rubles. The corresponding suit has been submitted to the court. Uraldomnoremont-Yekaterinburg produces machinery and equipment for metal industry. This is not the first time that the company claimed multi-million sums from ChMK. At present the court is…


Russia: BrAZ to spend 1.2 billion rubles on environment program

This year Bratsk Aluminum Works will spend around 1.2 billion rubles on the environment program. According to the company managing director Evgeniy Zenkin, some 1 billion rubles will be spent on air pollution decrease – the company will continue modernizing gas-purifying machinery. “An important part of the program is the procurement, processing and secondary usage…


Russia: MMK strengthening position on Georgian metal market

In 2016 Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works increased rolled metal supplies to Georgia by 30% YoY.

Total supplies to the Transcaucasia countries last year exceeded 150 thousand tons, or 16% of all deliveries to the neighbor foreign countries.

The company notes good prospects to increase exports to the region. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Lebedinsky GOK modernizes processing equipment

Within the framework of Metalloinvest operational improvements program Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Works is repairing drying drums at the processing factory shop No. 4.

Four major improvements have already been done, which improved the drying efficiency with the total annual effect of 26 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: coal exports up in January-April 2017

In January-April Russia exported 58.216 million tons of coal, up by 3% YoY.

According to the Ministry of energy, in April coal exports reached 14.9 million tons.

Coal output in January-April totaled 132.62 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)