Kazakhstan: KAZ Minerals copper output up in H1 2017

In January-June KAZ Minerals produced 118 thousand tons of copper, up by 110% YoY.

Bozshakol and Aktogay yielded the most to the result.

According to forecasts, copper output at Bozshakol in 2017 will double to 95-110 thousand tons, at Aktogay it is expected to increase to 65-85 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM modernizing equipment

The refining department of the chemical-metallurgical shop of Uralelectromed has put into operation a new induction unit to smelt gold into ingots. The cost of the machine is 2.8 million rubles. The Parallel IPT-25-10 unit has been designed at the customer order within the program of outdated machinery modernization and replacement. It can produce 2…


Russia: Ufaleinickel to be shut down

The second largest nickel manufacturer in Russia – Ufaleinickel – will stop operating. On August 7 the company shareholders voted for the liquidation of the enterprise. According to Ufaleinickel representative Olga Markina, the process will be long. The board of directors is still looking for investors, but so far there have been no agreements. As…


Ukraine: Lvivugol receives 14 million UAH for coal sold

On August 7 Lvivugol received 14 million UAH for the coal it sold.

According to the department of the fuel-energy complex of the Lviv regional state administration, all the money was spent to pay salary to the miners. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: RZhD to buy VMZ railroad wheels

Vyksa Iron and Steel Works has become a winner in the Russian Railroads competition.

VMZ won in the nomination “Components for the rolling stock and the infrastructure” with railroad wheels made of T-grade steel. The wheels have been developed by VMZ within the cooperation program with the Russian Railroads on quality improvement. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: HBI purchases down in January-July 2017

In January-July Ukrainian metal companies decreased hot-briquetted iron imports by 96.7% YoY, to 1.47 thousand tons. According to the customs statistics of the State Fiscal Service, in monetary terms imports decreased by 94.8%, to $389 thousand. All the metal arrived from Russia. Ukraine neither exports nor re-exports HBI. The largest HBI manufacturer in CIS is…


Russia: Altai-Koks output up in H1 2017

In January-June Altai-Koks produced 2.04 million tons of coke, up by 5% YoY.

The company capacities were 98% loaded.

Altai-Koks sold some 82% of coke domestically, including 76% within the NLMK Group. The rest was exported to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, German, Belgium and Finland. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: coal exports up in January-July 2017

Russian coal exports in January-July increased by 9.5% YoY, to 106.3 million tons, the Ministry of Energy of Russia statistics showed.

In July the commodity exports totaled 15,855,000 tons.

Coal mining in the seven-month period reached 231,389,000 tons, with 201,519,000 tons shipped. (Portnews/Ukrainian metal)