Russia: Beloretsk Works to regain position on stainless wire market

Beloretsk Iron and Steel Works intends to regain its position on the market of stainless wire.

According to the company statement, in addition to cooperating with electrode works, BMK works with spring works, to which it supplies wire of other steel grades. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coal stolen from DTEK sold in Turkey

DTEK forecasts that in 2017 Donbass mines on the uncontrolled territories taken from the company will decrease coal output 2-3-fold, to 4.4-5.6 million tons. The output plan for Komsomolets Donbassa, Sverdlovantrazit and Rovenkiantrazit mines this year was 12 million tons. The Starobeshevskaya TPP consumes some 2 million tons of coal per year, and the probable…


Ukraine: separatists blow-in EMZ furnace

Yenakievo Iron and Steel Works, situated on the Russia-supported terrorists-occupied territory, started blowing-in its blast furnace. “After an almost 2-months break the works puts its blast furnace No. 5 into operation. The furnace will allow our rolling companies to operate for a month”, the leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko declared. The…


Russia: Mechel ships rolled metal for Brest-OD-300 reactor construction

Mechel-Service has supplied over 250 tons of rebars for the construction of the energy complex with the new reactor Brest-OD-300 in Seversk.

The construction is carried out at the site of the Siberian Chemical Works. Rebars were produced at Chelyabinsk Iron and Steel Works. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: South Korea imposes duties on ferrosilicomanganese

South Korea is prepared to impose preliminary antidumping duties on the import of ferrosilicomanganese from Ukraine, India and Vietnam. The Korea Trade Commission has completed the preliminary investigation, having found out the damage to local manufacturers done by imports form the three countries. The commission has recommended the Ministry of finances to impose preliminary antidumping…


Russia: Petropavlovsk profits in 2016

In 2016 Petropavlovsk received $31.7 million of net profits as opposed to $297.5 million of losses in 2015. According to the company statement, its revenue reached $540.7 million, down by 10% YoY. EBITDA increased by 16%, to $200 million. Gold manufacture prime cost dropped by 12%, to $660 per ounce. As of the end of…


Russia: KRU coal output up in Q1 2017

In January-March enterprises of Kuzbassrazrezugol, a part of UMMC, mined 10.8 million tons of coal, including 1.5 million tons of coking coal, up by 300 thousand tons YoY. The group sold 10 million tons of coal, up by 500 thousand tons YoY, with 2.9 million tons delivered to the local consumers and 7.1 million tons…


Russia: aluminum imports to fall

Russia is capable of considerably substituting aluminum imports by 2020. According to the Aluminum Association, at present Russia imports some 250 thousand tons of aluminum products. This is mostly aluminum plates, sections, etc. “Our aluminum industry has enough potential to manufacture these products. By 2020 semi-finished products imports could de substituted with local products at…


Russia: Mechel grinded slag output up in Q1 2017

In January-March Mechel-Materials almost doubled the grinded slag production, to 40 thousand tons.

The grinded slag improves concrete characteristics.

Mechel-Materials started manufacturing this product in 2014. In the production the blast slag from Chelyabinsk Iron and Steel Works is used. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: gold output up in Q1 2017

In January-March Kazakhstan produced 19863 kg of raw gold, up by 27.6% YoY.

According to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of national economy, raw silver output dropped by 5.4% YoY, to 265399 kg. (Ukrainian metal)