Ukraine: Volnogorsk GOK to buy large quarry machines

Volnogorsk Mining and Processing Works plans to announce a purchase of 7 large quarry machines valued at 70 million UAH.

According to the company statement, the tender will be announced in November at the ProZorro system of electronic purchases. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Interpipe Steel output up in January-October 2016

In January-October Interpipe-Steel produced 522 thousand tons of steel, up by 6.3% YoY.

According to a company representative, in October steel smelting totaled 58 thousand tons, down from 64 thousand tons in September.

On October 28, the works halted its operation for 10 days to carry out scheduled repairs. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMKR to go on with environment program

On November 3, ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih witnessed an environment strike. 15 city public organizations went on a strike against AMKR polluting the environment. In response the company said that all its ecological projects for the past 10 years were aimed at the step-by-step replacement of the outdated machinery with more environment-friendly equipment and implementation of…


Ukraine: CommService chairman owning Zaporizhstal shares

Chairman of the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection Leonid Yevdochenko has declared owning Zaporizhstal shares, 13.5 thousand euro and $12.5 thousand.

In particular, he has a flat in Kiev and a land plot in Kiev region as well as 903 shares of Zaporizhstal. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: steel structures output up in January-September 2016

In January-September Russia produced 2.6 million tons of prefabricated steel construction structures, up by 1.4% YoY.

According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, in September steel structures output went up by 3.7% YoY and by 2.2% MoM. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Evraz DMZ installs dust control system in BF3

Evraz Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works has finished tests and put the dust control system at its blast furnace No. 3 into operation.

According to the company statement, the system has already allowed to decrease emissions by 70%.

Investments in the project totaled 2.3 million UAH. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Izhstal repairs steel-smelting furnace

Izhstal (a part of Mechel) has finished capital repairs of its electric arc furnace used to smelt complex-alloyed, stainless and high-speed steels. “This furnace makes high-marginal products, so we pay special attention to its state. We have plans to increase its efficiency, and we will implement them in future”, Izhstal executive director Sergey Kozennov said.…


Russia: Bauxite Timana output up in January-September 2016

In January-September Bauxite Timana (a part of Rusal) mined 2.39 million tons of bauxites, up by 4.9% YoY.

In Q3 the company mined 911 thousand tons, up by 13.6% QoQ. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rusal net profits down in January-September 2016

In January-September Rusal received $534 million of net profits, down by 35.3% YoY.

Rusal’s revenues dropped by 12.7% YoY, to $5.95 billion.

EBITDA went down by 37% YoY, to $1.07 billion.

Sales increased by 4.9% YoY, to 2.89 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)