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Ukrainian Metal

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Ukraine: Metinvest to send another batch of mobile shelters to defenders

Metinvest will provide over 10 mobile shelters for Ukrainian defenders. 3 protective constructions were sent to the brigade fighting off constant enemy attacks near Avdiivka. “These mobile dugouts can be used as shelters, providing protection against shelling,” Metinvest COO Alexander Mironenko has said. The shelters are made by various group enterprises. Each structure is 6…


Ukraine: coal exports prohibited

The Cabinet of Ministers has prohibited the exports of anthracite, but increased the export quota of coking coal. According to the decree No. 1466 dated December 27, 2022, the export of coking coal is allowed in the volume of 600 thousand tons. The decree came into effect on January 1. In September 2022, the Cabinet…


Ukraine: Zaporizhstal CEO resigns

CEO of Zaporizhstal Alexander Mironenko has left his office, remaining the operational director of Metinvest. According to the official information, Mironenko resigned on January 1. Mironenko has been Zaporizhstal CEO since November 26, 2019 till January 1, 2023. Roman Slobodyanyuk has been appointed acting CEO of Zaporizhstal. (Ukrainian metal)


Ukraine: Metinvest channels 2.8 billion UAH to help country

Since the start of the Russian invasion, the Metinvest Group has channeled over 2.8 billion UAH to strengthen the country defence and support its employees and peaceful Ukrainians, including 1.5 billion UAH for the Army under the Steel Front Initiative of Rinat Akhmetov. “Metinvest makes everything possible to bring Ukraine’s victory closer. Our enterprises, as…


Kyrgyzstan: country sued for banning uranium mining

Due to the ban on uranium mining, a lawsuit was filed against Kyrgyzstan to international arbitration, the Ministry of Justice reported. The process of appointing the composition of the arbitration tribunal by the parties in the framework of arbitration proceedings with International Mining Company Invest Inc. is being completed at the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes in Washington (USA). A petition to initiate arbitration proceedings was registered in September. The company’s…