Ukrainian metal companies decrease investments into reconstruction

In January-September Ukrainian metallurgical companies decreased capital investments into technical overhaul and modernization by 27.5%, or 783.2 billion UAH, to 3,695 billion UAH YoY.  In 2013 companies mostly invested in construction of new objects and the already going reconstruction and modernization of existing capacities. Vital to the sector are the modernization of furnace manufacture and…


ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih’s finished steel output up by 3.27% in January-November 2013

In the first 11 months of the current year the crude steel production at ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, the Ukrainian subsidiary of the global steel giant ArcelorMittal, totaled 5.866 million tons, down by 0.05% year on year, as announced by the company. In addition, in the first 11 months of the year ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih saw…


Ukraine to produce 2.7 million tons of crude steel in January 2014

In January 2014 Ukraine’s crude steel production is expected to decrease by 1.4% compared to the expected output in December this year to 2.70 million tons. In January 2014 pig iron output in Ukraine will total 2.50 million tons, down by 1.5% compared to the expected December 2013 result, while Ukrainian production of rolled steel…


Ukrainian steel output decreased in November 2013

In January-November Ukrainian metal companies increased steel output by 0.6%, to 30,02 million tons, pig iron output – by 1.8%, to 26,637 million tons and decreased rolled metal output by 0.1%, to 26,625 million tons, YoY. In November steel smelting decreased compared to October by 2.5%, to 2.554 million tons, and by 4.9% compared to…


Metinvest implements environmental project

The Ukrainian mining and steel producing group Metinvest has stated that it has signed a contract with Italy’s Termokimik Corporation, a leading producer of environmental equipment for industrial companies, to develop the basic engineering to upgrade the sinter plant at its subsidiary Mariupol Ilyich Iron & Steel Works (MMKI). Total investment in the project will…


Zaporizhstal’s finished steel output up by 1.6% in January-November 2013

In November Zaporizhstal’s finished steel product output decreased by 26.5% year on year to 199,100 tons, while its crude steel production declined by 11.6% year on year to 279,000 tons, according to the company’s preliminary results.In the January-November period Zaporizhstal saw a 1.6% year-on-year rise in its finished steel product output to 2.932 million tons,…


Ukrainian steel pipe output down by 22% in January-November 2013

In the January-November period of the current year Ukrainian companies produced 1.501 million tons of steel pipes, down by 22% compared to the same period last year, according to the figures issued by Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers. 

In November Ukraine’s steel pipe production decreased by 14.2% compared to October, to 97,000 tons. (SteelOrbis/Ukrainian metal)

Ukrainian pig iron exports and imports in January-October 2013

In October Ukraine exported $69.89 million worth of pig iron, imports totaled $0.9 million. Italy was one of the main importers of Ukrainian pig iron ($25.43 million). In January-October Ukraine exported pig iron for $629.41 million, while imports totaled $5.09 million. In September Ukraine exported pig iron for $62.01 million and imported for $0.76 million.…


Ukrainian pipes exports in October 2013

In October Ukraine exported steel pipes for $94.57 million. Imports totaled $17.74 million. One of the main importers of steel pipes in October was Russia ($30.4 million). In January-October Ukraine exported steel pipes for $1409.26 million, while imports reached $155.47 million. In September Ukrainian steel pipes exports totaled $151.7 million, while imports were at the…


October 2013

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In January-October Ukraine increased exports and imports of iron ore raw materials

In January-October Ukrainian metallurgical companies increased iron ore raw materials exports by 8%, to 2.31 million tons YoY. In October metal works imported 230,000 tons of iron ore raw materials, up by 35.3% compared to September. Iron ore raw materials exports in January-October increased by 9%, to 32.1 million tons YoY, and were around 3.4…


Scrap supplies to steel mills in Ukraine declined in January-October 2013

In the January-October period this year, steel scrap supplies to Ukrainian steelmakers fell by 14% year on year to 3.530 million tons. 

In October alone supplies of scrap to Ukrainian steel mills reached 380,000 tons, up by 20.6% compared to September. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine expected to produce 2.74 million tons of crude steel in December 2013

In December Ukraine’s crude steel production is expected to increase by 4.6% compared to October to 2.740 million tons. In December pig iron output in Ukraine will total 2.540 million tons, up by 6% compared to the October results, while Ukrainian production of rolled steel is expected to total 2.480 million tons, up by 4.1%…