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Ukrainian Metal

Ukrainian Metal is the informational portal. We don’t sell nor buy metal, we just provide information for those who do.
If you want to buy or sell mining-metal products (steel, rolling, stainless, scrap, raw material, ore, iron, pipe, tube, BOF, metallurgy, metal, ferroalloy, alloy, channel, beam, section, coil, wire rod, sheet, plate, slab, bloom, l-section, h-beam, silicium, manganese, chrom, ferrous, non-ferrous, copper, alumina, aluminium, nikel, tungsten, cast, ) in Ukraine, place your offer here – It is FREE.

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Kazakhstan: gold output up in 2022

In 2022, Kazakhstan increased gold-bearing ore extraction by 19.5% YoY, to 39.4 million tons. Concentrate output dropped by 11.9%, to 455 thousand tons. Raw and semi-wrought gold manufacture grew by 13%, to 129.6 tons. In particular, refined gold production totaled 73.2 tons, up by 9.9%. In previous years the highest output was 69.8 tons. Tau-Ken…


Ukraine: ferrous metals export revenue down in January-February 2023

In January-February, Ukraine exported $357.1 million worth of ferrous metals, down 5.6-fold YoY. According to the State Customs Service, ferrous metals accounted for 5.53% of the overall export revenue as opposed to 17.6% last year. In February, ferrous metals export revenue totaled $191.42 million. Imports decreased by 28%, to $163.54 million, with $94.8 million in…


Ukraine: Ferrexpo income down in 2022

In 2022, Ferrexpo received $1.2 billion of income, down from $2.5 billion in 2021. The drop was due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine resulting in the operational and logistics losses. EBITDA decreased by 47%, to $765 million. The fall was partially compensated for by the exchange rate difference ($339 million). Capital investments fell to…