Ukraine: Zhevago leaves PGOK SB

Konstantin Zhevago has left the supervisory board of Poltava Mining and Processing Works, the largest iron ore pellets producer in Ukraine.

According to the company statement, Zhevago resigned on October 19. His office ended on November 3. He has been in the supervisory board for 20 years, but directly owns no PGOK shares. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EMSS to supply rolls to Finland

Energomashspetsstal will supply a large batch of rolls with mechanical treatment to Eurohuolinta Oy.

According to the company statement, the rolls weighing 490 tons will be shipped to Finland in January-February 2017. EMSS will produce 76 rolls. They will be used to produce electric machines.

The companies have been cooperating for 10 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ММК signs contract with Sinosteel for supply of sinter plant equipment

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works has started construction of a new sinter plant as part of its long-term development strategy announced in November 2015 to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Commissioning of the new sinter plant will provide MMK’s blast furnaces with high-quality sinter produced using state-of-the-art energy-saving and environmentally safe technologies. The new plant…


Russia: NLMK Group centralizes control over European investment projects

NLMK Group, an international steel producer with operations in Russia, Europe and the USA, is opening NLMK Europe’s Project Office, a new division for integrated planning and implementation of investment programs at the group’s European facilities. Konstantin Lagutin, NLMK Group’s VP for Investment Projects, said: “The new project office will allow us to integrate our…


Ukraine: coal output to double

“In a year and a half we intend to double coal output in Ukraine”, the minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik announced. All the salary debts to miners will be cleared by January 1, 2017, he added. “The ministry has fulfilled its obligations on settling salary payments, and we expect miners to honor…


Ukraine: Ilyich-Stal sells 99% stake in Ilyichevskoye Insurance

Ilyich-Stal has sold a 99.46% stake in the Ilyichevskoye Insurance Company and is its shareholder no longer.

The buyer of the shares is not disclosed.

Ilyich-Stal is owned by Metinvest. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Metinvest expecting steel consumption to increase in 2017

In 2017 Ukraine will consume 4.6 million tons of steel, up by 7% YoY. “We see activity increase in construction, agriculture and machine-building. So we expect steel consumption to increase by 5-10%, by 7% on average”, Metinvest marketing director Roman Kurashev said. Construction and machine-building will become the main drivers behind the consumption growth. In…


Kazakhstan: processing prices up in January-October 2016

In January-October prices of processing companies increased by 16.2%, of mining – by 14.9% YoY.

Zinc prices went up by 50.9%, ferroalloy – by 47.7%, ferrous rolled metal – by 40.1%, precious metals – by 40%, lead – by 32.8%, aluminum – by 11.6%, copper – by 8.3%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMKR pays 72 million UAH for pollution

Prosecutors succeeded in making ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih pay for pollution.

“A record. ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih has paid 72.69 million UAH to the state for abnormal pollution”, the general prosecutor of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko said. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DTEK Pershotravenskoye MG to mine 860 thousand tons of coal from new face

Pershotravenskoye Mine Group has put the 168th long face into operation. Its length is 300 m, and coal reserves – 860 thousand tons.

Since the beginning of the year the Mine Group has put 4 new long faces into operation. That’s one face more than planned. (Ukrainian metal)

Tajikistan: TALCO almost stopped

The Tajik Aluminum Company still experiences the aftermath of the emergency electricity cut off and calculates losses. “On October 28, because of the electricity cut off in some regions, TALCO was left without light”, information department director Igor Sattarov reported. In September the company operated 303 electrolysis baths. TALCO specialists believe that the electricity cut…