Ukraine: UGOK output up in February 2017

In February the Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works produced 941.3 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate and 135 thousand tons of sinter, up by 9.2% and by 13.4% YoY respectively.

In January-February concentrate output at UGOK increased by 11.1% YoY, to 1.989 million tons, of sinter – by 26.9%, to 338.9 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMKR concerned about possible negative consequences of railway blockade in eastern Ukraine

ArcelorMittal, the biggest foreign investor in Ukraine, is concerned about possible negative consequences of railway connection blockade in the east of the country. The blockade of coal supplies from uncontrolled territories of Donbass threatens energy stability of the plant and supply of raw materials needed for production activities. Eastern region, as the source of supply…


Ukraine: Lvivugol accounts unblocked

The State Executing Service has unblocked all Lvivugol accounts. The Lviv region miners will receive their salaries, the regional governor Oleg Sinyutka reported. The miners announced they would go on a strike on March 9, because of the salary debts. The issue was discussed with the regional authorities. According to Lvivugol, on March 6, it…


Russia: RMK and MMK to increase environment protection investments

According to Russian Copper Company environment, labor safety and industrial safety department director Natalia Gonchar, in 2017 the company intends to invest 1.6 billion rubles into environment protection (1.3 billion invested in 2016). The money will be spent on the protection of air, water, soil, and waste treatment. Moreover, Karabashmed, a part of RMK, environment…


Russia: coal exports up in January-February 2017

In January-February Russian coal exports climbed by 7.5% YoY, to 27.86 million tons, the Ministry of Energy statistics said.

In February, Russia exported 13,384,600 tons of coal.

Coal production in January-February totaled 65,591,400 tons including 59,557,800 tons supplied. (Portnews/Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine to get ATO zone coal through Belarus

The initiative to prohibit coal imports from Russia could lead to the creation of a new scheme of coal deliveries from the temporarily uncontrolled territories. According to the political scientist Alexei Yakubin, deliveries from uncontrolled territories will not be stopped, but the scheme will change. “Ukraine has no alternatives to the coal mined there. So…


Russia: ETPZ buying ETZ assets

The first and the main manufacturing site of the Engels Pipe Works (ETZ) has been sold to the Engels Pipe-Rolling Works (ETPZ) for 104.8 million rubles. ETPZ also purchased the right to claim receivables. The right for 444.8 million rubles was purchased for the mere 9.1 million rubles. It should be noted that the ETPZ…