Russia: scrap delivery to Amurstal up in 2018

In December 2018 Amurstal received 59 thousand tons of ferrous scrap via railroad.

This is up from 10.3 thousand tons in December 2017.

In January-December 2018 the company received 548.7 thousand tons of scrap, up 6.2-fold YoY.

This is also the highest result in the past 3 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: MMK sets new record in galvanized metal sales

In 2018 MMK sold 1.269 million tons of galvanized rolled metal.

This is the highest result for the company, which exceeds the previous result, set in 2017, by 11.9% (1.134 million tons).

MMK has been increasing galvanized metal sales for the past 15 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Olkon output up in 2018

In 2018 Olkon increased iron ore concentrate output by 3% YoY, to 4.238 million tons.

The annual target was exceeded by 77 thousand tons.

The average contents of the iron in ore were 67.67%.

Rock transportation grew by 2%, to 19.14 million tons, and ore output – by 7%, to 14.85 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks output down in 2018

In 2018 Zaporozhkoks decreased blast furnace coke manufacture by 0.5% YoY, to 824.7 thousand tons.

The decrease in the output is due to the repair of the coke oven battery No. 5 valued at 73 million UAH.

In December 2018 coke output at the plant dropped by 2.44% YoY, to 71.9 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Dybrynskoye uranium deposit to be commissioned in 2020

Rusburmash has finished prospecting works at the Dybrynskoye deposit of the Khiagda ore field.

Khiagda is developing the uranium deposits in the Republic of Buryatia.

Dybrynskoye is the fifth deposit with good reserves. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Severstal Steel Ropes supplies products for the first cable-stayed bridge in Uzbekistan

Severstal Steel Ropes has supplied and assembled cables for the first pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in the city of Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

For this project the company has produced and assembled some 20 cable wares, made of high-strength galvanized ropes. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coal imports up in 2018

In 2018 Ukraine increased coal imports by 10.6% YoY, to $3035.34 million, while exports dropped by 91.8%, to $8.649 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, in December 2018 coal imports grew by 27.8% YoY, to $341.87 million, while exports fell by 99.7%, to $0.022 million. Last month Ukraine mostly imported coal from Russia ($154.03…


Russia: Profil-Akras output down in 2018

In 2018 the pipe works named after Makarov “Profil-Akras” manufactured over 122 thousand tons of pipes and shipped 124 thousand tons. The results were below those of the previous year. According to the company, 2018 was difficult both for the employees and customers. The market price fluctuations affected sales and purchase planning. Dealer project suffered…


Ukraine: NZF output up in 2018

In 2018 Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant produced 788.9 thousand tons of ferroalloys, up by 3.6% YoY.

In particular, the manufacture of silicomanganese grew by 7.1%, to 735.69 thousand tons, and of other ferroalloys – 9.3-fold, to 13.1 thousand tons.

At the same time the production of ferromanganese decreased by 45.4%, to 40.14 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)