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Ukrainian ferroalloy imports and exports decrease in January

In January Ukraine’s exports of ferroalloys registered a decrease of 3.4% compared to December 2010,  falling to 82,290 tons valued at $89.64 million. Meanwhile, compared to January 2010 the country ferroalloy exports went down by 15.5%. In January Ukraine’s ferrosilicomanganese exports decreased by 2.1% to 57,670 tons, its ferromanganese exports went down by 23.4% to…


Ukraine issues semi-finished import and export data for January

In January Ukraine’s semi-finished steel product exports saw a 15% YoY increase to 963,840 tons valued at about $515.4 million, while its imports of semi-finished steel products increased by 37% YoY to 27,800 tons valued at $18.9 million.Ukraine’s main semi-finished steel product export destinations in January were Italy (245,000 tons), Lebanon (165,060 tons), Syria (85,760…


Ukraine issues long steel import and export data for January

In January Ukraine’s long steel exports increased by 8.5% compared to December but decreased by 2.6% YoY totaling 527,940 tons valued at $352.2 million. Ukraine’s main long steel export destinations in January were Iraq, Russia (122,260 tons), Lebanon (23,700 tons), Belarus (18,700 tons), Romania (17,780 tons) and Jordan (17,670 tons). Meanwhile, Ukraine’s imports of long…


DMKD masters production of 150-200 mm billets at new concaster

In February Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works named after F. Dzerzhinsky (DMKD), the subsidiary of the Ukrainian steelmaker Industrial Union of Donbass, mastered the production of 150 mm and 200 mm billets at its new seven strand continuous caster No 3, which during the month in question produced 69,300 tons of billets. DMKD total output…


Ukrainian average daily pig iron output continues to increase

According to the Ukrainian association of metal producers Metallurgprom, in February Ukraine’s average daily pig iron output continued its positive trend, seeing an increase of 1.3% MoM from 77,800 tons to 78,800 tons.  Product January, t February, t Pig iron 77,800 78,800 Crude steel 92,400 95,300 Rolled steel products 89,600 89,000 In the first 14…