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Ukrainian Metal

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In 2013 Ukrainian pig iron and ferroalloys exports increased

Ukrainian pig iron and ferroalloys export in 2013 went up by 1.1%, to $1.7 billion. Pig iron export constituted $823 million, while ferroalloys export was on the level of $906 million. At the same time Ukraine imported $6 million worth of pig iron and $318 million worth of ferroalloys. Ukraine traded with 8 countries. The…


In 2013 Ukraine earned less on ferrous metals exports

In 2013 Ukraine decreased its ferrous metal exports by 6.4%, to $14.32 billion, as compared with 2012. Ferrous metals export share reached 22.6% in the total export volume. Metal wares exports decreased by 8.7%, to $2.59 billion, and totalled 4.1% in the total export volumes. In December 2013 ferrous metals exports reached $1.223 billion, while…


In 2013 Ukraine exported $5295.44 million worth of steel half-products

In 2013 Ukraine’s exports of steel half-products totalled $5295.44 million, while imports reached $73.75 million. In December 2013 Ukraine exported steel half-products for $513.04 million and imported for $3.74 million. The main importers of Ukrainian steel half-products in December 2013 were Egypt ($98.87 million) and Turkey ($98.37 million). In November 2013 Ukraine exported steel half-products…


In January 2014 Ukraine decreased metal output

In January Ukrainian metal companies decreased their steel output by 12%, to 2.5 million tons, as compared with January 2013. Rolled metal manufacture decreased by 8%, to 2.3 million tons, while pig iron production dropped by 6%, to 2.34 million tons. Coke output in January decreased by 2%, to 1.49 million tons, as compared with…


Dneprospetsstal increased steel output in January 2014

In January electrometallurgical works Dneprospetsstal (Zaporozhye) increased its steel smelting by 7.4%, to 24 thousand tons, as compared with 22.4 thousand tons in January 2013. According to a company representative, the works decreased its rolled metal output by 23.7%, to 10.6 thousand tons (13.8 thousand tons in January 2013). In February the works plans to…