UGOK decreased output in March 2014

In March South Mining and Processing Works (UGOK) decreased its concentrate output by 0.55%, to 887.1 thousand tons, YoY. Sinter production went down by 14.9%, to 200 thousand tons. In January-March UGOK increased concentrate output by 5.65%, to 2736.4 thousand tons, YoY. Sinter production fell by 12.11%, to 617 thousand tons. Decrease in concentrate output…


February 2014

UKRAINE&RUSSIA: STEEL-MAKING PIG IRON UKRAINE&RUSSIA: FOUNDRY PIG IRON UKRAINE&RUSSIA: ROUND BILLETS UKRAINE&RUSSIA: SQUARE BILLETS UKRAINE&RUSSIA: ROLLED WIRE UKRAINE&RUSSIA: SLABS UKRAINE&RUSSIA: REINFORCEMENT STEEL, CLASS A1, A3 Month Russian market, $/t, $1/RUR36.0501* min max January 444.38 776.70 February 454.23 718.44 Month Ukrainian market, $/t without VAT, $1/UAH9.9863* min max January 440.90 548.67 February 482.86 560.87 Month Export,…


Metinvest to supply pipes to Iraq

Iraq allowed Metinvest group of companies to supply large diameter pipes. The Iraqi state South Oil Company has finished the technical audit of Azovstal Iron and Steel Works and Khartsyzsk Pipe Works. According to the group of companies statement, this was the final qualification step, and now Metinvest is among the suppliers of large diameter…


ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih results for February 2014

In February ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih increased output of its main products, in particular, pig iron manufacture increased by 8%, to 475 thousand tons, as opposed to 441.2 thousand tons in February 2013.Steel output totaled 539.7 thousand tons, up by 5.7% YoY from 510.4 thousand tons. Rolled metal production increased by 5.2%, to 461.2 thousand tons…


Ukraine increased coal mining in February 2014

In February Ukraine’s coal mining increased by 0.4%, to 5.1 million tons, as compared with February 2013.

February coal mining results inreased by 0.3% MoM.

In January-February Ukraine mined 10.1 million tons of coal, up by 0.2% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Rolled metal outout decreased in February 2014

In February in Ukraine steel manufacture (without continuous-cast semi-products) decreased by 16.5%, to 1053 thousand tons, YoY, but increased by 2.4% MoM. In January-February Ukraine produced 2082 thousand tons of steel, down by 19% YoY. Continuous-cast semi-products output decreased in February by 7.7% YoY, to 1341 thousand tons, and again by 7.7% MoM. In January-February…


ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih to seek new markets

ArcelorMIttal Kriviy Rih has changed its target markets, by increasing exports due to the demand fall on the local market. According to ArcelorMittal head Lakshmi Mittal, “Ukrainian domestic market has collapsed. While manufactirng processes carry on, we export larger lots of rolled metal, than planned”. ArcelorMittal has also changed its forecasts on CIS steel consumption.…


In January-February 2014 Ukraine increased ferroalloys output

In January-February Ukrainian ferroalloy companies increased their output by 51.7%, to 172.2 thousand tons, YoY. In particular, silicomanganese production went up by 34.4%, to 125.8 thousand tons, ferromanganese manufacture  increased by 27.2%, to 17.3 thousand tons, while ferrosilicon output rose 4.6 times, to 29.1 thousand tons. In addition to that manganese concentrate output increased by…


Energomashspetsstal to supply rolls to ArcelorMittal European companies

Energomashspetsstal (EMSS) is to produce a large batch of rolls for the largest metal corporation ArcelorMittal. The rolls will be supplied to four metal works of the Falt Carbon Europe group: ArcelorMittal Poland, ArcelortMittal Fos-sur-Mer (France), ArcelorMittal Bremen (Germany) and ArcelorMittal Gent (Belgium). EMSS will produce rolls for hot-rolled mills with the total weight of…


Metal output results for January-February 2014

In January-February Ukraine decreased steel output by 10%, to 4.89 million tons, YoY. Rolled metal output decreased by 8%, to 4.4 million tons. Pig iron production dropped by 5%, to 4.54 million tons. Coke output in January-February decreased by 3%, to 2.83 million tons. In 2013 metal companies produced 29.11 million tons of pig iron,…


UGOK increased concentrate output in February 2014

In February the South Mining and Processing Works (UGOK) increased its concentrate output by 8.16%, to 871.8 thousand tons, YoY.

Sinter output in February decreased by 8.9%, to 210 thousand tons. Sinter output decrease is explained by the sinter machine overhaul. The overhaul will result in the increase of the sinter quality. (Ukrainian metal)

Zaporizhstal increases output

In January-February 2014  Zaporizhstal increased its pig iron output by 0.3%, to 528.2 thousand tons, that of steel – by 0.2%, to 626.5 thousand tons, and rolled metal by 4.9%, to 555.6 thousand tons, all YoY.In February the works produced 244.5 thousand tons of pig iron, 289.6 thousand tons of steel and 263.2 thousand tons…


January 2014

UKRAINE&;RUSSIA: STEEL-MAKING PIG IRONUKRAINE&;RUSSIA: FOUNDRY PIG IRON UKRAINE&;RUSSIA: ROUND BILLETS UKRAINE&;RUSSIA: SQUARE BILLETS  UKRAINE&;RUSSIA: ROLLED WIRE Month Russian market, $/t, $1/RUR32.1961* min max December 546.65 782.70 January 555.97 782.70 Month Ukrainian market, $/t without VAT, $1/UAH7.9898* min max December 678.36 729.43 January 678.36 729.43 Month Export, Ukraine, $/t, FOB Black sea ports min max December…