Russia: 58 violations found at Karabashmed

On September 10-21 the Ural-region department of Rostechnadzor carried out a scheduled inspection of Karabashmed.

As a result 58 violations of legislation on industrial safety have been found.

The company has been given time to remove the violations. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Karabashmed repairs machinery

Karabashmed has carried out scheduled repairs of its chemical and metallurgical machinery. All the planned work was performed in full and according to the schedule. From the moment of the complete halt of the process till the start of the furnace warming, only 9 hours elapsed. In the metal shop the company repaired the main…

Russia: Karabashmed completes machinery repairs

The converter No. 1 has been repaired in the metal shop of Karabashmed.

Even though repairs provide for the faultless operation of the metal machinery, this fall the company intends to put three new Kumera converters into operation. Their capacity is 150 tons.

Karabashmed will also assemble new gas-purifying equipment. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Karabashmed modernizing processing factory

Karabashmed has assembled a new thickener with the diameter of 24 meters at its processing factory. The transition to the new machinery with larger diameter will improve productivity and copper concentrate manufacture efficiency, as well as increase the company environmental safety. Moreover under the program of technical development the company has put in operation 5…

Russia: Karabashmed completes repairs

Karabashmed has repaired the chemical-metallurgical complex. In addition to repairing machinery in the metallurgical, sulfur acid and power shops, the company has also assembled two new Kumera converters. Since 2004 Russian Copper Company has invested over 18 billion rubles in the modernization and environment safety improvement of Karabashmed. In 2018, 2 billion rubles more will…

Russia: Karabashmed starts assembling converters

Karabashmed has started assembling three Kumera converters with the volume of 150 tons each with new gas-purifying equipment at its metallurgical shop. The new machinery will improve ecological safety and increase output. The first converter has already been brought to the site and is being assembled within the scheduled repairs. The second converter will also…

Russia: Karabashmed to improve metal slag processing efficiency

Karabashmed is studying the possibility of optimizing techniques to obtain copper concentrate from metal manufacture slag. The Ural Federal University specialists are involved. At present the Karabashmed processing factory produces copper concentrate of the slag mix originating from Ausmelt furnace copper smelting, and converter shop. The scientists will review three types of processing: Ausmelt slags,…