Russia: bankruptcy proceedings started at Ufaleinickel

The arbitrary court of Chelyabinsk region declared Ufaleinickel bankrupt following the claim of Rost-bank because of the debt of 202.6 million rubles.

The total debt of the company to the bank is 14.6 billion rubles.

In August the company shareholders decided to shut down Ufaleinickel. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Izhstal repairs steel-smelting complex

Izhstal has finished repairing the steel-smelting complex, producing continuous-cast billet of a wide range of steel grades. The complex produces cast billets of structural, alloyed, stainless, speed, bearing and spring steel. Its capacity is 300 thousand tons per year. It produces 80% of all the liquid steel manufactured at the works. The steel-smelting complex consists…


Russia: Zarechnaya mine to change owner

Dmitry Bosov, together with his partners actively developing coal business, could obtain a problem asset in Kuzbass – the Zarechnaya company with the reserves of some 400 million tons of power-generating coal. The Trade-Industrial Union LLC, connected with the Razrez Kiyzasskiy of the managing company Vostokugol (owned by Bosov and Alexander Isaev), has purchased debts…