Dneprospetsstal increased steel output in January 2014

In January electrometallurgical works Dneprospetsstal (Zaporozhye) increased its steel smelting by 7.4%, to 24 thousand tons, as compared with 22.4 thousand tons in January 2013. According to a company representative, the works decreased its rolled metal output by 23.7%, to 10.6 thousand tons (13.8 thousand tons in January 2013). In February the works plans to…


ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih drastically decreased output

In January ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih decreased its rolled metal output by 12.7%, to 410 thousand tons, compared with January 2013. Steel smelting dropped by 29.7%, to 377 thousand tons, while pig iron manufacture decreased by 29.6%, to 333 thousand tons. In December 2013 the works produced 501 thousand tons of rolled metal. 564.4 thousand tons…


Pig iron exports earned Ukraine $824 million in 2013

In 2013 Ukraine exported pig iron for $823.26 million, while imports totaled $6.04 million.

In December 2013 Ukraine exported pig iron for $108.32 million, while imports totaled $0.85 million. On of the main importers of pig iron in December 2013 was Turkey ($52.8 million). (Ukrainian metal)

In 2013 Ukraine earned $3.7 billion on flats exports

In 2013 Ukraine exported rolled flats for $3693.14 million, while imports totaled $1365.55 million.

In December 2013 Ukraine exported $270.63 million worth of rolled flats, while imports totaled $68.14 million. One of the main importers of rolled flats in December 2013 was Russia ($49.14 million). (Ukrainian metal)

In 2013 Ukraine imported $2 billion worth of coal

In 2013 Ukraine imported coal for $1973.75 million, while exports totaled $737.01 million.In December 2013 Ukraine imported $160.21 million worth of coal and exported coal for $76.8 million. The main coal exporter in December 2013 was Russia ($98.93 million). In November 2013 Ukraine Imported $164.38 million worth of coal, while exports totaled $82.29 million. (Ukrainian…


Ukrainian metal companies to decrease steel output in February 2014

In February 2014 Ukrainian metal companies plan to decrease steel smelting by 7.8% from expected output for January (2.7 million tons), to 2.49 million tons. Rolled metal production would decrease by 3.8% from the expected December 2013 levels (2.32 million tons), to 2.23 million tons. Pig iron manufacture is expected to decrease in February to…


December 2013

UKRAINE&RUSSIA: STEEL-MAKING PIG IRON UKRAINE&RUSSIA: FOUNDRY PIG IRON UKRAINE&RUSSIA: ROUND BILLETS UKRAINE&RUSSIA: SQUARE BILLETS Month Russian market, $/t, $1/RUR32.1961* Ukrainian market, $/t without VAT, $1/UAH7.9898* min max min max November 593.24 602.56 411.37 530.18 December 593.24 602.56 425.89 535.56 Month Export, Ukraine, $/t, FOB Black sea ports Export, Russia, $/t, FOB Black sea ports min…


UGOK increased iron ore raw materials output

In January-November 2013 the Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works (UGOK) increased its concentrate output by 4.6%, to 9.941 million tons, and sinter production by 20.5%, to 2.178 million tons, all compared with 2012.In November 2013 UGOK increased concentrate manufacture by 12.05%, to 940.1 thousand tons, while sinter production rose by 70.61%, to 221.8 thousand tons,…


Ukraine increased coke imports in 2013

In 2013 by-product coke plants of Ukraine imported 11.4 million tons of ordinary coking coals and coal concentrate, which almost equaled the imports volumes in 2012. In December 2013 the imports volume of coking coals totaled 1.03 million tons. At the same time Ukrainian coal deliveries to plants in 2013 reached 13.6 million tons (down…