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Ukrainian Metal

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Ukraine: no more Russian coal

This year Ukraine doesn’t plan to buy power-generating coal from Russia. “Our stocks total some 3 million tons, and we will be increasing them. Our goal is to spread the coal, not get it. We have enough coal of our own”, said the energy and coal industry minister Igor Nasalik. (Ukrainian metal)


Ukraine: Turkey wants to buy mines

Turkey is interested in privatizing Ukrainian mines and is prepared to invest into coal industry development. “We had an interesting meeting with our Turkish partners. They can help us financially to revive the industry. They also plan to take an active part in our mine privatization”, said the energy and coal industry minister Igor Nasalik.…


Ukraine: EMSS to produce equipment for SKMZ

Eneromashspetsstal will produce equipment for Starokramatorsky Machine-Building Works. In particular, EMSS will produce four spare parts weighing 53 tons. “We plan to deliver the upper drum, the bottom sprocket and the gear in the third quarter”, said the company in its statement. SKMZ specializes in the production of processing, precision, press-forging and materials-handling machinery. (Ukrainian…


Russia: Norilsk Nickel management team strengthened

Norilsk Nickel announces changes in the company’s management structure, which are aimed at the improvement of Norilsk Nickel’s performance. A new position of senior vice president is introduced into the company’s organizational structure. Andrey Bougrov holds the position. Furthermore, the following persons are appointed to the positions of senior vice presidents – heads of units:…


Ukraine: Mariupol Ilyich increases supervisory board

Shareholders of Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works have decided to increase the supervisory board from 1 member to 5. According to the company statement, Yuri Ryzhenkov, Alexander Pogozhev, Julia Dankova, Svetlana Romanova (all of them top-managers at Metinvest Holding) and Julia Samoylova (chief legal advisor on corporate finances) have been appointed to the supervisory…