Russia: Evraz ZSMK confirms switch rails certificate

Evraz ZSMK has confirmed its certificate for OR50 NT260 switch rails.

The representatives of the Russian Railroads together with the company specialists have checked the rails.

Evraz ZSMK is the only company in Russia to produce such rails. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Polyus Aldan produces first ton of gold

Since the start of the year and as of March 3, Polyus Aldan has produced 1 ton of gold.

In 2017 the first ton was produced on March 13, and in 2018 – on March 6.

In 2018 the enterprise produced 6.2 tons of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM starts preparing foundation for electrolysis shop third stage

Uralelectromed has started preparations to laying the foundation for the third stage of the copper electrolysis shop.

All the foundation work is expected to be completed in June 2020.

The new site will house one circulation system consisting of 224 electrolysis baths with auxiliary equipment. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Karabashmed passes supervisory audit

In order to create safe labor conditions Russian Copper Company enterprises gradually implement the integrated management system according to ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

In February Karabashmed passed the first supervisory audit of the systems.

The certificates were received in June 2018. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChTPZ net profit up in 2018

In 2018 ChTPZ net profit grew 1.9-fold YoY, to 7.7 billion rubles. Sales revenue increased by 13%, to 178.84 billion rubles, and gross profit – by 17.9%, to 44.29 billion rubles. The product prime cost went up by 11.5%, to 134.56 billion rubles. The company fixed liabilities dropped by 5.3%, to 74.2 billion rubles. (Ukrainian…


Russia: Rusal expecting domestic aluminum consumption to grow

According to Rusal, in 2018 Russian aluminum consumption increased to 1 million tons.

The company intends to help the Russian market develop.

The government has developed a program to increase processing capacities.

According to the program, aluminum consumption on the domestic market will grow to 2.8 million tons by 2023. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal output down in January-February 2019

In January-February Ukraine decreased rolled metal output by 0.4% YoY, to 3.093 million tons. Steel manufacture dropped by 0.6%, to 3.53 million tons, and pig iron – by 7%, to 3.358 million tons. In February Ukraine produced 1.57 million tons of pig iron, 1.68 million tons of steel and 1.49 million tons of rolled metal,…


Russia: STZ profit down in 2018

In 2018 Seversky Pipe Works decreased net profit 5-fold, to 49.6 million rubles.

Revenue grew from 40.4 to 51 billion rubles, with sales profit up from 1.4 billion rubles to 3.68 billion.

The volume of fixed liabilities increased from 13.8 to 17.1 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)