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Ukrainian Metal

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Ukraine issues 9 months ferroalloy import and export data

It is reported that in January to September Ukraine’s imports of ferroalloys decreased by 20.7% YoY to 76,070 tons, while its exports went up by 65.4% YoY to 826,270 tons.In September Ukraine’s ferroalloy imports decreased by 46.6% MoM and by 45.4% YoY to 4,700 tons. Specifically, in September Ukraine’s ferrosilicomanganese imports decreased by 53.2% MoM…


IUD subsidiaries issue 10 months production results

It is reported that Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works and Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works named after F. Dzerzhinsky (DMKD), the steelmaking subsidiaries of the Ukrainian steel producer Industrial Union of Donbass, have issued their preliminary production results for the first ten months of the current year.Accordingly, in January to October Alchevsk Iron and Steel…


Ukraine semis exports in September increased by 29% MoM

It is reported that in September Ukraine semi-finished steel product exports increased by 29.1% MoM compared to August and by 4.2% YoY to 942,290 tons valued at $453.3 million, up by 29.8% MoM.Ukraine’s main semi-finished steel product export destinations in September were Italy, Lebanon, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea and Egypt.In January to September Ukraine’s semi-finished…


Ukraine pipe production in mid October down by 10% MoM

It is reported that in October the Ukrainian pipe making industry demonstrated a 9.6% MoM decline rate. The underperformers were Khartszysk Pipe Works, Lugansk Tube Plant and Interpipe Niko-Tube with 25.0%, 13.6% and 36% MoM drop in output respectively.According to a Millennium Capital analyst “The news is neutral for pipes. Unexpectedly, this month Khartszysk Pipe…


Ukrainian iron ore pellets production in October falls by 11% MoM

It is reported that Ukrainian iron ore producers decreased their pellets output by 10.6% MoM maintaining iron ore concentrate production at previous month level. The Central Mining and Processing Works has shown the largest slump in the production of pellets, down by 46% MoM.According to a Millennium Capital analyst “The news is neutral for the…