Russia: MMK donates 100 million rubles to Magnitogorsk relief effort

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) has donated around 100 million rubles to support those affected by the collapse of a residential apartment building in Magnitogorsk. The donation was approved by the Chairman of MMK’s Board of Directors, Viktor Rashnikov, and the funds were transferred to the accounts of Magnitorgorsk-based charitable foundation Metallurg. Viktor Rashnikov…


Ukraine: InGOK to mine 28.6 million tons of ore in 2019

This year Ingulets Mining and Processing Works intends to decrease iron ore mining by 1% YoY, to 28.6 million tons.

The company also plans to produce 10.829 million tons of iron ore concentrate.

In order to maintain the quarry capacities InGOK will increase rock mining by 2.2%, to 0.657 cubic meters per ton. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK-Kaluga produces 4 million tons of rolled metal

NLMK-Kaluga has produced 4 million tons of rolled metal.

The high quality steel is used to produce some 20 types and sizes of bars and sections, as well as square billets.

In early 2018 the company increased its product portfolio by adding channel.

The company main customers are construction enterprises. (Ukrainian metal)

Uzbekistan: AGMK to construct new copper-processing factory

Almalyk Mining and Processing Works intends to construct a new copper-processing factory.

The project to be commissioned in 2022 will be developed by the Scientific-research and design institute TOMS (Russia).

The institute will also help modernize two current copper factories.

This year AGMK intends to attract over $180 million of investments. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: EMC coal output up in 2018

In 2018 the East Mining Company extracted 7.5 million tons of coal, up by 3.3 million tons YoY.

Sales also totaled 7.5 million tons, up 1.5-fold.

In 2019 the company plans to sell some 10 million tons of coal. (Ukrainian metal)