Russia: Kolmar commissions new mining machinery

Last year Kolmar had some large-scale events. In particular, it started constructing excavations of the Vostochnaya Denisovskaya mine with the reserves of 4 million tons of coal. Preparation works for the construction of a new 12-million ton Inaglinskaya mine have been completed. The Denisovskaya mine received new machinery: a Sandvik MC-430 combine, two Joy self-propelling…


Russia: Lebedinsky GOK gets new 220-ton BelAZs

Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Works, a part of Metalloinvest, has received three new BelAZ trucks with the lifting capacity of 220 tons.

The dump trucks have been purchased under an investment program to renew machinery and increase the manufacturing efficiency.

LGOK now has 11 such trucks. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EGOK purchases 200 open cars

Yeristovo Mining and Processing Works, a part of Ferrexpo, has purchased 200 open cars from the Kryukovsky Wagon-Building Works.

Of these, in December 2018 EGOK received 50 and in January – 25.

The rest will be delivered in February.

Following this purchase the overall railroad car fleet of Ferrexpo now exceeds 2600 pieces. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz ZSMK sales down in 2018

In 2018 Evraz ZSMK shipped 6.1 million tons of metal via railroad, down by 2.6% YoY.

This is also one of the lowest results in the past 7 years.

Deliveries to local customers dropped by 0.2%, to 1.5 million tons, the lowest in 9 years.

Exports fell by 3.8%, to 4.14 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krastyazhmash to start producing metal structures

A part of the Krasnoyarsk plant Krastyazhmash, which manufactures mining excavators, will be used to produce metal structures for processing factories at Siberian coal puts.

Some premises of the plant will be leased, while others will be disassembled and sold for scrap.

The debt of the company is 700 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: BMC starts building Udokan energy objects

Baikal Mining Company has signed agreements to construct the main energy objects for the Udokan Mining and Processing Works iInfrastructure.

According to the agreements, PMK Sibiri will construct a 220/35/10 kW substation, while Energomost will erect a high-voltage line 220 kW Chara-Udokan.

Both are turnkey contracts.

Construction is to be finished in November. (Ukrainian metal)