Ukraine to cut anthracite consumption

Ukraine this year would reduce anthracite consumption to 5 million tons, which is almost 50% less than the figure for the previous year, the press service of the government has reported, referring to Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion. “If earlier we consumed over 9 million tons of anthracite coal a year, at the…


Ukraine: coal imports exceed 17 million tons

In January-November Ukraine imported 17.376 million tons of coal valued at $2431.05 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, Russia supplied $1370.08 million worth of coal (56.36%), USA – $603.79 million (24.84%), Canada – $149.86 million (6.16%), and other countries – $307.3 million (12.64%). At the same time Ukraine exported some $54.828 million worth of…


Russia: Vostsibugol starts developing Nygdinskaya site

Vostsibugol has started industrial development of Nygdinskaya site and intends to mine some 60 thousand tons of coal in December.

The coal mined will be processed at the Kasyanovskaya factory or sent directly to local consumers.

Vostsibugol won the auction to develop the site in 2013, having paid 2.85 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Uzbekistan: 4 investors to prospect gold deposits

The State committee on geology and mineral resources has this year attracted 4 foreign investors to prospect 10 gold deposits. The agreements have been signed with B2Gold (Canada), NordGold (UK), TUMAD (Turkey) and Shindong Resources (South Korea). Gold reserves on these deposits are not revealed, but investments in prospecting could total $8 million. The agreements…


Ukraine: ferrous metals exports revenue up in January-November 2017

In January-November Ukraine received $7.848 billion from the exports of ferrous metals, up by 18.5% YoY. According to the State Fiscal Service, ferrous metals accounted for 19.88% of the total export revenue against 20.24% in January-November 2016. In November ferrous metals exports earned Ukraine $932.47 million, up from $744.43 million in October. Imports increased by…