Russia: Nornickel modernizing manufacture

Kola MMC has finished reconstructing the nitrogen-oxygen plant, having put into operation a new air-separation unit with compressor equipment. The modernization will allow Kola MMC to considerably decrease expenses when manufacturing air separation products widely used in the non-ferrous metals manufacture. The company believes the economic impact from the implementation of new techniques will amount…


Russia: NLMK to road show its eurobonds

NLMK is planning to start a road show with dollar-nominated eurobonds in USA and Europe on September 6. Meetings with investors will be held in London, Zurich, New York and Boston. J.P. Morgan, SG CIB, ING and UniCredit will act as organizers. Depending on the market situation NLMK intends to offer mid-term bonds to investors.…


Ukraine: AMKR to borrow from EBRD

The European Bank fro Reconstruction and Development intends to lend ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih 200 million euro.

The total amount of the loan could reach 350 million euro, with 150 million provided with the help of other institutions.

The loan will be used to support the AMKR investment program valued at $1.1 billion. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Reserv to lose Utinka gold

The Russian Environment Surveillance Service in Magadan region wants to annul the license to use subsoil resources given to Reserv LLC to operate at the Utinskoye deposits. According to the service the company has not started constructing infrastructure objects, nor has it prepared the mining object to be put into operation. The company director Victor…


Russia: electrometallurgical works to be shut down

The Federal Antimonopoly Service hosted a meeting on the graphitized electrode market competition. According to the director of industrial control department Nelli Galimkhanova, the meeting was gathered following two claims from Rostov Electrometallurgical Works and Krasniy Octyabr. The situation is difficult, as the market has been experiencing a sharp shortage because of decrease in capacity…