Russia: Izhstal repairs steel-smelting complex

Izhstal has capitally repaired the steel-smelting complex to produce structure, alloyed and stainless grades of steel.

The complex consists of an arc-furnace, a continuous casting machine and machinery for off-furnace steel treatment.

Its capacity is 300 thousand tons of castings per year.

The complex manufactures more than 80% of Izhstal steel. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMKR invests $50 million in small-section mill reconstruction

ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih has started hot-testing of its small-section mill No. 250-4, in the reconstruction of which it has invested over $50 million. A part of the amount was spent to purchase Danieli machinery. The new equipment has been designed and supplied by Schneider Electric. Previously the mill was only able to make products of…


Ukraine: Volnogorsk Works orders 144 million UAH worth of electricity

Volnogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Works has ordered Energy Trade Group LLC the delivery of electrical energy valued at 144 million UAH. In October-December the company has to supply 72 million kW-h of electricity at 2 UAH per kW-h. This is slightly below the August-September price of 2.07 UAH per kW-h. At the same time in…


Russia: Sberbank Leasing to finance Nordgold

Sberbank Leasing will lease special machinery to the international gold-extracting company Nordgold. Under the agreements, the company will finance the purchase of HD 785-7 quarry dump trucks and Komatsu PC2000BH-8 excavators. The machines will be supplied by Sumitek International LLC. The special machinery is needed to develop the Gross mine, the main Nordgold asset in…