Russia: Konevinsky mine to start yielding gold in spring 2019

Khujir Enterprise LLC has started resuming mining at the Konevinskoye gold deposit in the Republic of Buryatia.

The work of the mine was suspended in 2014.

The decision to resume operation was taken in December 2018.

The C1+C2 reserves of the deposit are over 2 tons of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Irkutsk region gold output up in 2018

In 2018 Irkutsk region mined 24.838 tons of gold, up by 8.5% YoY.

Ore gold accounted for 13.935 tons, while alluvial for 10.9 tons.

Three enterprises covered 53% of the output (12.991 tons) – Polyus Verninskoye, Ugakhan and Vysochaishiy.

Alluvial gold leaders were Vitim and Lenzoloto (7.53 tons). (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Yakutia in top-3 gold miners

Yakutia has entered the top-3 gold-mining regions in Russia.

For the first time since Soviet Union the region has exceeded the level of 28 tons of gold output in 2018.

Oil and coal output was 12 and 17.7 million tons respectively. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Amur region gold output down in 2018

Last year enterprises extracting gold in Amur region obtained 22.7 tons, down by 12% YoY. Ore gold accounted for 14.1 tons and alluvial gold – for 8.7 tons. The decrease in the output has to do with the drop in the manufacture at Petropavlovsk enterprises and at the Berezitoviy mine (Nordgold). Thus, last year Petropavlovsk…

Russia: Chukotka gold output down in 2018

Gold production on Russia’s Chukotka peninsula decreased by 4.81% YoY, to 24.130 tons in 2018, an official at the regional industry policy, construction, and housing and utilities department reported on January 14. Placer gold output grew by 11%, to 2.583 tons. Output of Chukotka Mining and Geological Company, a unit of Kinross Gold, rose by…

Russia: Kamchatskoye Zoloto becomes Kamchatka resident

Kamchatskoye Zoloto has become a resident of the territory of advanced development Kamchatka. The process has been carried out in stages. The company will carry out a project to modernize and develop Zolotoye, Kungurtsevskoye, Uglovoye and Baranievskoye gold deposits in 2019-2034. Some 2.15 billion rubles will be invested. In 10 years budgets of all levels…

Russia: Seligdar gold output up in 2018

This year Seligdar has extracted 6 tons of gold, up by 30% YoY. “The considerable growth of the gold-extracting division was the result of the holding investments in the development of capacities”, Seligdar president Konstantin Beirit declared. The long-term strategy adopted in 2018 presupposes reaching the annual output of 10 tons of gold in 7…

Russia: Lena Zoloto exceed gold output plan in 2018

In 2018 Lena Zoloto LLC, developing alluvial gold sites in Irkutsk region, extracted 155.1 kg of the precious metal.

The target for the year was 120 kg, thus, it had been exceeded by 29.2%.

The company did not disclose its output in 2017. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Sever-Tech-Resurs gold output up in 2018

In 2018 Sever-Tech-Resurs LLC has obtained 163.2 kg of alluvial gold, up 1.7-fold YoY.

The target for 2018 was 100 kg.

The company, registered in September 2009, is operating in Magadan region.

So far Susumanzoloto enterprises have extracted 713.3 kg of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Amur Zoloto gold produces 1432 kg of gold

In January-November Amur Zoloto, extracting gold in Khabarovsk region, yielded 1432.1 kg of gold. Ore gold accounted for the major part of the output. In particular, the Yubileyniy Mining and Processing Works processed 96.4 thousand tons of ore and 10.192 thousand tons of concentrate. Output totaled 1037.8 kg of gold and 643.8 kg of silver.…

Kyrgyzstan: moratorium on alluvial gold mining proposed

It is proposed to introduce a moratorium on alluvial gold mining in Kyrgyzstan, the expert, co-founder of Chatkal Development Fund, Gamal Soronkulov, declared. According to him, the extraction of alluvial gold causes serious damage to the environment. “Since 2004, we have been fighting with alluvial gold mining companies. None can prove that they benefit, none…

Kazakhstan: gold mining up in January-November 2018

Kazakhstan’s production of unwrought gold, semi-worked gold or gold in powder form reached 88,491 kg in January-November showing an increase of 14.1% as compared to the same period of 2017, the Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan reports. In the accounting period production of unwrought silver, semi-worked silver or silver in powder…

Russia: Goldregion gold output down in 2018

Goldregion LLC, developing alluvial gold deposits in Amur region, this year has extracted 64 kg of the precious metal, down by 20% from the target. This year the company has been traditionally washing gold-bearing sands at the Malaya Gelenka Brook. Due to the violations of the environment legislation the operation of the company was suspended…

Kyrgyzstan: company to develop idle Makmal named

Manson Group Company has won the competition to create a joint venture on the basis of the branch of Makmalzoloto industrial combine, press service of Kyrgyzaltyn OJSC reported. According to it, applications were submitted by three companies – Manson Group, Shynkykiyuan Frunze and Central Asian Metallcom companies. All of them suggested creating a joint venture…

Russia: gold output in Yakutia to grow in 2018

In 2018 Yakutia is expected to extract 26 tons of gold, up by 1.2 tons YoY.

Last year the output was 24.788 tons.

By 2024 the local government expects to have entered the top-3 regions in Russia in gold output. (Ukrainian metal)