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Ukrainian Metal

Ukrainian Metal

Ukrainian Metal is the informational portal. We don’t sell nor buy metal, we just provide information for those who do.
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Russia paid Ukraine $135 million for rolled metal in May 2014

In May Russia’s share in Ukrainian steel flats export volumes amounted to $39.5 million out of the total of $380.5 million. Ukrainian bar export in May earned the country $329.8 million with Russia’s share at $94.6 million. Steel semi-finished products exports brought Ukraine $446.9 million in May, with the major importers being Turkey ($97.8 million)…


Ukraine increased ferroalloy exports in May 2014

In May Ukraine exported $105.8 million worth of ferroalloys, while imports totaled $20.9 million. However strange that may seem, the main importer happened to be Russia ($26.18 million). In January-May Ukraine exported $477.51 million worth of ferroalloys, and imported these products for $20.86 million. In 2013 Ukrainian exports of ferroalloys reached $906.35 million, while imports…