Russia: ferrous metals scrap imports from Kazakhstan down in May 2018

In May, according to the customs statistics, Russia imported 49.5 thousand tons of ferrous scarp from Kazakhstan, down by 24.3% YoY.

Average price was $257 per ton.

In January-May imports dropped by 25.5% YoY, to 155.6 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Uzbekistan: Chinese companies to look for non-ferrous metals

A number of Chinese companies plan to carry out projects to mine tungsten, molybdenum and copper on the Ingichka plateau.

According to the preliminary agreement, $50-55 million will be invested in the construction of infrastructure.

Investors also plan to construct at least two mines. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: OMZ-Spetsstal starts shipping reactor billets for Ruppur NPP

OMZ-Spetsstal has started shipping billets for the reactor body for the first power block of Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh.

Under the contract concluded in September 2017 the company will supply billets to produce the reactor body.

So far the company has supplied billets of the flange, lower and supporting shells. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Severstal-Metiz sets record in fiber manufacture

In June Severstal-Metiz produced the record-high volume of fiber – almost 1.5 thousand tons.

62% of the products were exported to Europe, and the rest was shipped to CIS countries and Russian customers.

At present the company produces 4 types of steel fiber and is the Russian leader in its output. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: KMEZ assembling new conveyers to transport copper cathodes

Kyshtym Electrolytic Copper Plant has started assembling new conveyer system in the copper electrolysis shop.

The machinery will transport empty matrixes, matrixes with cathode leftovers and anodes.

While assembling the new conveyers the manufacture has not been stopped.

Commissioning is scheduled for July.

Investments in the project total 380 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Istra Works produces metal structures for MosFilm

Istra Works of Metal Structures has produced metal structures for the studio No. 2 of MosFilm.

All the structures have been delivered to the construction site in time.

“It is very interesting to help Russian cinema in its development”, the company CEO Sergey Pashinin said. (Ukrainian metal)

Kyrgyzstan: Kumtor Gold Company releases annual Environment and Sustainability Report

Kumtor Gold Company has released the Environment and Sustainability Report for 2017. The report is published to inform the governmental authorities, non-governmental sector and the general public about the environmental performance at the Kumtor mine and measures taken by the company to protect the environment. The publication of the report is a voluntary initiative of…


Ukraine: KZhRK iron ore output down in H1 2018

In January-June Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Industrial Complex produced 2.468 million tons of iron ore, down by 8.6% YoY.

In June iron ore output totaled 422 thousand tons.

Last year the company produced 5.074 million tons of iron ore, up by 1.5% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Uzbekistan: Almalyk repairing rare metals shop

In March Almalyk Iron and Steel Works started construction of the roasting furnace No. 4 in the rare metals shop of the copper smelting works.

The shop operates 3 furnaces with the capacity of 1800 tons of molybdenum product per year.

Another furnace will increase molybdenum product processing by 30% per year. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: MMK results for Q2 2018

In April-June MMK sold 2.848 million tons of metal, up by 0.7% QoQ, including 1.381 million tons of high added value products, up by 2.7%. In 6 months MMK sold 5.675 million tons of metal, including 2.726 million tons with high added value, up by 2.1% and by 7.3% YoY respectively. In particular, sales of…


Ukraine: gas consumption in metal industry up in H1 2018

In January-June Ukrainian metal companies consumed 935 million cubic meters of natural gas, up by 11% YoY.

In June gas consumption totaled 145 million cubic meters, up by 4% MoM.

In 6 months electricity consumption reached 5.9 billion kW-h, up by 11%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: scrap exports up in H1 2018

In January-June Ukraine exported 270 thousand tons of scrap, up by 106% YoY. Scrap procurement grew by 12%, to 1.902 million tons. Deliveries of scrap to metal companies increased by 4%, to 1.632 million tons. In June 346 thousand tons of scrap were procured, down by 6% MoM, of which domestic companies received 327 thousand…


Russia: gold output down in June 2018

Russia’s production of finished, semi-finished, and powdered gold fell by 13% YoY but rose by 26.5% MoM in June, the Federal State Statistics Service said in a report. In January-June gold production decreased by 1.2% YoY. Previously, absolute figures on production of non-ferrous metals were a state secret. The figures are no longer classified, but…