TOP 10 Ukrainian Metal Traders (December’09)

Metinvest-SMC Phone: +38 044 2300000 Fax: +38 044 5374488 UGMK Phone-fax: +38 044 2066026, 2595505, 2066027 E-mail: [email protected] Komex Phone: +38 056 7883203, 7883205, 7883206, 7883225 Fax: +38 0562 472774, 462149 E-mail: [email protected] Vikant Phone: +38 056 4406451, 4406452, 4058466 AV Group (Altair D + Vega C) Phone: + 38…


Interpipe Steel acknowledged as the best in eco CSR

Steel pipes and railway wheels producer Interpipe became the winner of the first Ukrainian contest of business cases on Corporate Social Responsibility in nomination “Environmental protection”. The authoritative international jury has highly evaluated Interpipe consideration of eco-social norms in realization of investment project of electric arc furnace, Interpipe Steel.Mr. Oleg Kuzmin, Director for Corporate Affairs at…


Ukrainian metals consumption plummets in 11 months

Interfax cited Mr. Andriy Fedoseyev, president of the Ukrainian Metal Traders Association, as saying that metal consumption in Ukraine fell 36.3% YoY in January to November to 4.809 million tons and imports plummeted 67% to 577,288 tons.Mr. Fedoseyev said Ukrainian pipe mills bought 1.397 million tons of locally produced and imported roll and feedstock down…


Ukrainian metallurgical export and import data

According to mining enterprises association Ukrrudprom, Ukrainian metallurgical plants increased iron ore raw materials import in January to November 2009 by 33% YoY to 3.602 million tons.In January to November iron ore concentrate import grew 2.8 times to 2.815 million tons, sinter ore import decreased by 53.3% to 563,300 tons, pellets import decreased by 59.4%…


Ukrainian steel imports in 11 months shrink by 61% YoY

According to the data released by metal trading enterprise Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company, during January to November 2009 Ukraine imports of steel products registered a decline of 61.1% YoY to about 649,000 tons. Compared with July this year when the country steel product imports reached a peak monthly volume for the year so far,…


DMKD production performance in November

Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works in November reduced the production of finished metal roll by 3% MoM down to 258,000 tons.
The plant has increased steel production by 8.9% MoM to 281,000 tons and iron production by 7.1% MoM to 258,000 tons. The agglomerate production has been reduced by 2.5% MoM to 392,000 tons.