Russia: steel deliveries to metal structure companies down in September 2018

In September direct deliveries of rolled steel and pipes to Russian enterprises manufacturing metal structures totaled 53 thousand tons.

According to the railroad statistics, this is down by 27% YoY.

In January-September deliveries reached 547.9 thousand tons, down by 12.3% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Elgaugol coking coal output up in January-September 2018

In January-September Elgaugol mined some 3.9 million tons of coal, up by 28% YoY.

The volume of the rock transported reached 8 million cubic meters, up by 12%.

1.9 million tons of coal were processed, up by 17%.

The sales totaled 2.7 million tons, up by 36.2%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Udokan first stage approved by Nature Agency

The department of the Russian Natural Surveillance Agency in Zabaikalye region has approved the state environmental expertise of the design documentation of the “Udokan Mining and Processing Works. First Stage” project. The first stage of construction envisages the manufacture of 12 million tons of ore per year. According to the expertise, Udokan fully meets all…


Russia: Electrozinc to stop producing lead

Until the end of the year Electrozinc will liquidate its non-operating lead manufacture.

A part of the freed space will be used to construct a new electrolysis shop.

Investments in the project will exceed 100 million rubles.

The sinter department of the lead manufacture, operating since 1963, was shut down in 2012. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ZTZ confirms right to supply pipes to Europe

Zagorsky Pipe Works has finished the re-certification procedure according to EN 10219-1.

The certificate confirms the company right to supply its pipes to the countries working with the European system of pipe certification.

The certificate is valid until October 2019.

ZTZ received its first EN 10219-1 certificate in 2016. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Yakutugol completes coal shipment to far settlements

Yakutugol has finished delivering coal from its Djebariki-Khaya pit due to the wrap up of the summer navigation season.

In May-October the company shipped 307 thousand tons of coal.

The shipping plan has been exceeded by 2%.

Coal has been shipped by Yakutia rivers to 14 northern and central settlements. (Ukrainian metal)

Uzbekistan: Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine left with full profit

The Ministry of Finance and the State Committee of Uzbekistan on Privatization, Demonopolization and Development of Competition left the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine with full net profit for 2017. Last year the combine earned 124 billion soums of net profit. Of this money, 88.2% (state share) – 109.4 billion soums – were decided to…


Russia: UMMC attracts syndicated loan

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company has attracted a debut syndicated loan of EUR 100 million. The loan has been provided by a pool of European banks: Raiffaisen Bank International AG, Raiffaisenbank, Rosbank and Societe Generale. The 3-year loan is structured as a classical re-export financing secured by the future supplies of copper and other export…


Ukraine: Dneprospetsstal output down in September 2018

In September Dneprospetsstal decreased steel output by 7.9% MoM, to 19343 tons.

According to the company statement, rolled metal manufacture decreased by 5.7%, to 13.229 thousand tons.

In January-September steel output dropped by 2.3% YoY, to 188.151 thousand tons, and that of rolled metal – by 0.9%, to 125.588 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: steel deliveries to construction companies down in September 2018

In September direct deliveries of rolled steel to the enterprises manufacturing ferroconcrete structures as well as housing-construction companies totaled 14.2 thousand tons.

According to the railroad statistics, this is down by 5.9% YoY.

In January-September delivery dropped by 31.3% YoY, to 133.6 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: rolled metal deliveries to metal centers down in September 2018

Direct railroad deliveries of rolled metal to major servicing metal centers, which specialize in the manufacture of metal wares, totaled 148.7 thousand tons.

According to the railroad statistics, this is down by 15.1% YoY.

In 9 months deliveries grew by 1.2% YoY, to 1.7 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: metal deliveries to traders down in September 2018

In September the delivery (including imports) of steel products (rolled metal and pipes) to the warehouses of the major trading companies and networks totaled 0.85 million tons.

According to the railroad statistics, this is down by 14.3% YoY.

In January-September deliveries reached 8.04 million tons, down by 2.5% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)