Ukraine: AZOTSM to close down Vtortsvetmet in Donetsk

Artemovsk Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Works has decided to close down its subsidiary Vtortsvetmet in Donetsk, as it simply can’t operate.
The subsidiary was responsible for leasing and exploitation of its own or leased real estate; fuel, ore, metal and industrial chemicals trade, as well as warehousing. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Interpipe to sell 565 million UAH worth of pipes to Ukrgazdobycha

The state-extracting company Ukrgazdobycha has accepted the offer of Interpipe for the delivery of casing pipes with the total weight of 11.35 thousand tons valued at 565.18 million UAH. The pipes will be supplied by 2017. Metall-Impex, Dniepropetrovsk Works of Drilling Equipment, Dniepropetrovsk Tube Works, Nefteservis, Energo-Invest and Business Global also participated in the trade.…


Ukraine: DZM appoints acting CEO

Dniepropetrovsk Metal Structures Works named after Babushkin has dismissed Rustem Asilgareev from the office of the general manager and appointed Helen Tarasenko acting CEO instead. Asilgareev has been in the office for 15 months. Tarasenko has been appointed for an indefinite term. Previously she worked as the financial director of the company. Neither owns company…


Ukraine: ore prices to fall

The state enterprise Ukrpromvneshexpertisa (UPE) believes iron ore raw materials prices in October (Australian Fe 62% ore CFR China) will drop below $50 per ton on the world market. “We’re not yet sure how long it will last – a week, 2 or 3, but the prices will be below $50”, said the company analyst…


Russia: TAGMET starts producing new pipes

Taganrog Iron and Steel Works has produced a trial batch of pipes with external upset ends for TMK Neftegazservis-Buzuluk.

The first batch of pipes with 73 mm diameter was made at the SMS Meer press.

The need to start producing such pipes was due to the increasing demand from oil industry. (Ukrainian metal)