Russia: coal exports up in January-April 2018

Export of Russian coal in January-April increased by 5% YoY, to 59.657 million tons, the Ministry of Energy said.

In April coal exports totaled 15.347 million tons.

Coal mining in January-April amounted to 140.611 million tons of which 125.228 million tons were delivered. (PortNews/Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: iron ore exports down in March 2018

In March exports totaled $3.7 billion, down by 4.1% YoY.

Metal exports growth slowed down to 14.2% despite high prices. Because of that pig iron share in exports increased.

Iron ore exports dropped by 9.3% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VSMPO-Avisma net profit down in 2017

In 2017 VSMPO-Avisma net profit dropped 2-fold YoY, to 12.8 billion rubles.

Revenue decreased by 1.6%, to 87.98 billion rubles.

Gross profit dropped by 26%, to 32.2 billion rubles.

The company fixed liabilities grew 1.6-fold, to 96.6 billion rubles, while current liabilities fell by 27.1%, to 27.1 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: metal output in Nizhny Novgorod region up in Q1 2018

In January-March Nizhny Novgorod region increased industrial output by 2.3% YoY.

In particular, metal manufacture demonstrated an increase of 19.2%, and that of metal wares – 10.9%.

Rolled metal output increased by 24.3%, while steel pipes, sections and fittings – by 17.3%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Yakutia silver and gold output up in Q1 2018

In January-March the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) mined 2.4 tons of gold, up by 27% YoY.

This year the region intends to obtain 25 tons of gold.

Silver mining in 3 months increased by 88% YoY, to 43.8 tons.

The goal for this year is 80 tons of silver. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Chelyabinsk Zinc Works IFRS net profit up in 2017

The net profit of Russia’s Chelyabinsk Zinc Works by soared 43.8%, to 5.776 billion rubles in 2017, as calculated under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the company said in a statement on May 3.

Revenue rose by 27%, to 38.548 billion rubles.

Gross profit grew by 20.5%, to 10.757 billion rubles. (Prime/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: RСС buys Finnish machinery valued at 300 million euros

Russian Copper Company has purchased technologies and equipment from Finnish companies for its enterprises in Russia and Kazakhstan valued at over 300 million euros. According to the group president Vsevolod Levin, these are ball mills, flotation equipment, converters and other machines, used to extract and process copper ore and produce refined copper. The Finnish companies…