Ukraine: Novolynskaya mine raided

Mikhail Volynets, the chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine, has reported a raider attempt to seize the Novovolynskaya mine No. 9. “Early on September 10 some 30 unidentified people arrived at the enterprise with the acting CEO of the state enterprise Volynugol Andrei Pilipyuk. They refused to identify themselves, they all wore black…


Russia: EZOTsM to become largest manufacturer of components for medical devices

Yekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Works has started producing precision wares of precious metals and other materials for the medicine industry. The main products are anodes, cathodes and other wares for pacemakers. The company has already produced pilot batches of anodes for all the major manufacturers of medical devices in Russia and by 2019 intends to…


Kazakhstan: Head of State meets ArcelorMittal Temirtau plant workers

Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev has visited one of Karaganda region largest enterprises, which produces rolled ferrous metals. The President of Kazakhstan got familiar with the technologies for the manufacture of long products and was informed about the further plans concerning the development of the metallurgical plant. In addition, Nursultan Nazarbayev was informed about the…


Russia: NLMK railroad exports down in August 2018

In August NLMK shipped 986.6 thousand tons of metal via railroad, down by 9.4% YoY.

In January-August sales increased by 1.1% YoY, to 8.5 million tons.

Russian customers received 2.6 million tons, up by 6.3% YoY, while exports totaled 5.57 million tons, down by 1.4%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: MMK metal sales up in August 2018

In August MMK shipped 994.2 thousand tons of metal via railroad, up by 9.2% YoY.

In January-August, according to railroad statistics, sales grew by 1.1% YoY, to 7.2 million tons.

Russian customers received 4.68 million tons of metal, up by 8.5%, while exports dropped by 10.5%, to 2.48 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz-NTMK railroad exports down in August 2018

In August Evraz-NTMK shipped 310.3 thousand tons of metal via railroad, up by 4.6% YoY.

According to the railroad statistics, in January-August sales reached 2.38 million tons, down by 9.2% YoY.

Russian customers received 1.35 million tons of metal, up by 3.2%, while exports fell by 21.6%, to 1.03 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Russdragmet net profit up in H1 2018

Russdragmet LLC (a part of Highland Gold Mining Ltd) in January-June sold $146.9 million worth of precious metals.

Net profit grew by 10.5% YoY, to $28.6 million.

Gold sales dropped by 6%, to 121.2 thousand ounces.

EBITDA totaled $71.4 million, down by 2.5%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr output up in August 2018

In August Krasniy Octyabr had to produce 2500 tons of rolled metal, but in fact manufactured 2625 tons.

For September the company output plan is 2800 tons.

The goals set by the company management have been met.

Krasniy Octyabr supplies high-quality steel products to all its foreign customers in time. (Ukrainian metal)