Ukraine: Lvivugol miners start getting October 2018 salary

On November 26 Lvivugol received funds from the sale of coal.

All the money was spent to pay salary to miners for October.

Still, the funds were enough only to cover 10% of the salary. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lvivugol buys electric motors

The state enterprise Lvivugol has signed an agreement with the Group Profitrade LLC for the delivery of electric motors valued at 1.7 million UAH.

The company will have to supply two motLvivugolors at 850 thousand UAH each.

This is the first Group Profitrade order. The company was registered 7 months ago. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lviv miners block road to Poland

Employees of the state enterprise Lvivugol have blocked the road to the customs checkpoint of Rava-Russkaya on the border with Poland. The miners demand being paid salary for September and October. Some 40 miners participated in the strike. The police have agreed with the strikers to let cars through every 15 minutes. The miners also…

Ukraine: Lvivugol mine completes annual plan

The Velikomostovskaya mine of the state enterprise Lvivugol has exceeded its annual plan by 112.6%.

On September 10 the mine completed its annual plan on rock mining.

Since the start of the year the enterprise has mined 1550 meters of rock. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lvivugol commissions new long face

Velikomostovskaya mine of the state enterprise Lvivugol has put a new long face No. 114 into operation.

The face reserves are estimated at 162 thousand tons of coal.

The length of the long face will be 80-120 meters.

It was expected to mine 3750 tons of coal in late July there. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lvivugol miners paid May 2018 salary

The state enterprise Lvivugol has completely cleared the salary debt to its employees for May.

The enterprise received money from the state company Ugol Ukrainy, which allowed paying the May salary.

Shortly the enterprise will start paying wages for June.

In June Lvivugol cleared the April salary debt. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: miners block Lviv road to border

Some 50 miners blocked the international road in Lviv region demanding their salary debts to be cleared. Lvivugol miners also came to the Lviv regional state administration to rule out all the issues of the salary. They met with the first deputy chairman Rostislav Zamlinsky. During the negotiations, the minister of energy and coal industry…

Ukraine: Lvivugol pays April 2018 salary

The state enterprise Lvivugol has completely cleared the salary debts for April to its miners. According to a company representative, the enterprise received a payment from the state enterprise Ugol Ukrainy (Coal of Ukraine), which allowed paying April salary in full. Soon May salary will also be paid. Earlier miners threatened to go on a…

Ukraine: Lvivugol clears 2017 salary debts

On February 16 the state enterprise Lvivugol cleared its salary debts of 2017.

In particular, the enterprise received 10 million UAH from the state company Coal of Ukraine.

On January 4 Coal of Ukraine transferred 21 million UAH to pay salary to Lviv miners for November 2017. (Ukrainian metal)