Ukraine: ferroalloys output up in March 2016

In March Ukraine produced 86 thousand tons of ferroalloys, up by 13.2% MoM, or by 10 thousand tons.

According to the Association of Ukrainian Ferroalloy Producers, in Q1 output fell by 7% YoY, or by 17.2 thousand tons, to 228.7 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Centravis losses up in 2015

In 2015 Centravis Production Ukraine received 766.99 million UAH of losses, up by 27.79% YoY, or by 166.81 million UAH.

According to the company statement, last year its net income went up by 23.46% YoY, or by 606.19 million UAH, to 3189.81 million UAH. (Ukrainian metal)

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: bars (structural steel), March 2016


Russian market, $/t, EXW, without VAT, $1/RUR67.6076*









* – Ukrainian Hrivna and Russian Rouble exchange rates are as of 31.03.16 according to the National Bank of Ukraine and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. (Ukrainian Metal)

Ukraine: manganese concentrate and sinter output in March 2016

In March Ukraine produced 53.6 thousand tons of manganese concentrate and sinter.

According to the Ukrainian Association of Ferroalloy Producers, in Q1 manganese concentrate and sinter output decreased by 73.9% YoY, or by 151.6 thousand tons, to 53.6 thousand tons – in January and February Ukraine didn’t produce any manganese concentrate or sinter. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DSS reelects acting chairman

Supervisory board of Dneprospetsstal has reelected Vitaly Korniyevsky the acting chairman of the board.

According to the company statement, he has been reelected for 3 months.

In 2015 DSS received 706.56 million UAH of losses, having increased its net income by 40.8% YoY, or by 1.98 billion UAH, to 6.85 billion UAH. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Vtormet Odessa profits in 2015

In 2015 Vtormet Odessa received 180 thousand tons of profits.

According to the company statement, its net income went up by 38.26% YoY, or by 53.67 million UAH, to 193.97 million UAH. In 2014 Vtormet Odessa received 2.03 million UAH of losses. (Ukrainian metal)

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In January-March Metinvest companies produced 1.99 million tons of steel, up by 19% YoY and 17% QoQ. In particular, Yenakievo Iron and Steel Works produced 501 thousand tons of steel, while Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works – 715 thousand tons, with Azovstal producing 783 thousand tons, up by 91%, 21% and down by 4%…


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Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Works was granted the right to supply spongy titanium to the Italian producer of aerospace and biomedical titanium wares TiFast. According to the company statement, it has passed the TiFast audit and received EN 9100 certificate that meets world aerospace standards. “For ZTMK TiFast is the second global company after Chinese…