Russia: metal structures output up in January 2019

In January Russia produced 354 thousand tons of metal structures.

According to the Federal Statistics Service, the output grew by 27% YoY.

At the same time the results are below the December 2018 level by 28.2%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMKR spends 600 million UAH on environment

In 2018 overall expenses of ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih on environmental issues exceeded 600 million UAH. According to the company press service, in particular, gas-purification equipment was repaired at the sintering machines Nos. 1 and 5, the flanged beam machine No. 6, and the converter No. 3. In the mining department crushing and ore processing factories…


Ukraine: hearth man dies at DMK

On February 18, a body of a hearth man was found near the blast furnace 9 controls at the Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine.

The man was 47 years old.

“Emergency arrived at the site, but after some time had to state the death of the person”, the company reported.

Investigation is underway. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Izhstal awarded for quality

Izhstal has been awarded by the governor of the Udmurtia Republic for the quality of its products. The company produces over 1 thousand steel grades according to national and international standards and norms. In 2018 the company successfully passed the audits for the compliance of its quality management system to ISO 9001:2015, 305/2005/EU and also…


Russia: MMK increases rolled metal deliveries to TMK

Magnitogorsk hosted a meeting of the MMK and TMK coordination council.

The parties have discussed the results of the operation in 2018 and plans of further cooperation.

In 2018 TMK pipe enterprises received 504.6 thousand tons of MMK flat rolled metal, up by 10% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: gold exports down in 2018

Russia’s gold exports fell by 70% YoY, to 17.047 tons in 2018, the Assay Chamber at the Finance Ministry, which is responsible for state control over exports and imports of precious metals and stones, said in a report on February 19. According to the finance ministry, Russia’s gold refineries increased output by 2.45%, to 314.42…


Ukraine: DTEK coal output down on 2018

In 2018 DTEK decreased coal output by 1.9% YoY, to 27.186 million tons.

Gas coal mining grew by 5.3%, to 24.13 million tons.

At the same time anthracite coal was not mined.

Obukhovskay mine increased output by 4.9%, to 3.05 million tons.

Coal concentrate production dropped by 9.2%, to 12.36 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: gold production up in January 2019

Production of unwrought gold and semi-processed gold or in powder form reached 6,308 kg in January, up by 0.7% YoY, Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry reports.

In the accounting period the output of unwrought and semi-processed silver or in the powder form made 57,145 kg, down by 4.1%. (Kazinform/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Sibcable uses 3 thousand transportation units to deliver products

In 2018 Sibcable surpassed its delivery plan. The company used over 3 thousand automobiles, 13 railroad cars and some 100 containers. According to the transport-warehouse department representatives, cars and trucks are the fastest and the cheapest way of transportation, especially oSibcablen short distances. Railroad helps out when it is necessary to transport to Siberia or…


Ukraine: IrGOK buys 38 million UAH worth of soda

Irshansk Mining and Processing Works has ordered Imex Minerals LLC the delivery of calcium carbonate valued at 37.8 million UAH.

This year the company has to supply 2 thousand tons of calcinated soda according to GOST 5100-85 at 18.9 thousand UAH per ton.

The only competitor at the sale was Sigma Traders LLC. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK-Ural railroad sales down in January 2019

In January NLMK-Ural shipped 105.7 thousand tons of metal via railroad.

This is down by 10.6% MoM, and by 1.8% YoY.

Sales to local companies totaled 70.4 thousand tons (-17.1%, +23.8%), while exports – 35.3 (+6%, -30.3%). (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Priisk Solovievskiy gold output down in January 2019

In January Priisk Solovievskiy extracted 53 kg of gold, down by 37% YoY.

At present the company is developing the Solovievskoye deposit in Amur region.

Alluvial gold extraction will start in early May.

In 2018 Priisk Solovievskiy yielded 3.1 tons of ore and alluvial gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: metal output down in January 2019

In January Russia produced 4.4 million tons of pig iron, down by 4% YoY and by 1.4% MoM.

According to Rosstat, rolled metal output dropped by 4.5% MoM, to 5.1 million tons.

Pipe manufacturers decreased output by 7.7% YoY and by 10.7% MoM, to 0.882 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)