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Ukrainian Metal

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Russia: Boeing audits KUMZ rolling manufacture

In January, Boeing carried out an inspection of the Kamensk-Uralsky Iron and Steel Works rolling manufacture. Following the audit, considered successful by the parties, only one minor inconsistency was discovered. The manufacture of sheets of specific size was approved. After the inconsistency was eliminated, KUMZ received a confirmation from Boeing granting the right to produce…


Ukraine: coke output down in January 2020

In January by-product coke plants decreased metallurgical coke manufacture by 7.7% YoY, to 827 thousand tons. In December 2019 output totaled 769 thousand tons. Since September 2019, metal companies have decreased demand for coke due to the drop of pig iron manufacture. Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Works decreased output by 20.3%, to 255 thousand tons,…