DMKD production performance in November

Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works in November reduced the production of finished metal roll by 3% MoM down to 258,000 tons.
The plant has increased steel production by 8.9% MoM to 281,000 tons and iron production by 7.1% MoM to 258,000 tons. The agglomerate production has been reduced by 2.5% MoM to 392,000 tons.

Alchevsk production performance in November

Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant in November reduced the production of finished metal roll by 12.7% MoM down to 254,000 tons.
The plant has reduced steel production by 3.1% MoM down to 285,000 tons, iron production by 4.4% MoM down to 238,000 tons and the production of agglomerate by 6.9% MoM down to 376,000 tons.

ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih steel output in 11 months dips by 20% YoY

It is reported that Ukrainian ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih reduced finished rolled steel output in January to November 2009 by 20.4% YoY to 4.057 million tons, steel – by 23.9% to 4.540 million tons, iron – by 26.2% to 3.975 million tons, agglomerate – by 21.9% to 7.107 million tons.In November the plant produced 414,000 tons…


Smart Holding plans to challenge Kryvorizhstal privatization

Ukrainian Journal reported that Kiev based Smart Holding plans to challenge in court the results of the privatization of OJSC Kryvorizhstal, the largest mining and Metals Company in Ukraine a 93.02% stake in which was bought by Mittal Steel Germany at an open tender held on October 24th 2005. According to the report, the mill…


Ukraine steel consumption in 10 months down by 38% YoY

According to the data issued by metal trading enterprise Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company, in January to October this year Ukraine consumed about 4.72 million tons of rolled steel products down by 37.8% YoY.In January to October 2009 Ukraine consumption of primary rolled steel products, excluding pipes was as follows: Product January-October 2008, t January-October…


Alchevsk production performance in October

Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant has reduced the production of finished metal roll by 6.1%MoM down to 291,000 tonnes.
The plant has reduced steel production by 13.8%MoM down to 294,000 tons, iron production by 15.3%MoM down to 249,000 tonnes. The production of agglomerate has been reduced by 5.2%MoM down to 404,000 tonnes. (SteelGuru)

Pulverized coal as an alternative for gas at Alchevsk

Steel industry is one of the most power-intensive branches, particularly in terms of natural gas and coke consumption. Both can be substituted for domestically produced coal, namely pulverized coal.In 2009 the facility of pulverized coal injection was brought into operation at blast furnaces No 1 & 5 at Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works in Alchevsk,…


Ukraine resumes steel products supplies to China

According to Mr. Sergey Grischenko, Deputy Minister of Ukraine, as he announced during the plenary session of Ukrainian part of the inter-governmental Ukrainian-Chinese commission on industrial and trade cooperation, Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises in January to August this year supplied 1.7 million tons of rolled steel to China whereas in the same period of last year…