Ukraine: DTEK swallows Corum

One of the largest machine-building holdings of Ukraine – Corum, owned by Rinat Akhmetov, has merged with DTEK Energo. Now it is another energy holding business direction. Last year DTEK announced the purchase of two works – Svet Shakhtera and Corum Druzhkovka Machine-building Works, as well as a small manufacturing site of Mining Machines. All…


Russia: coal, ferrous metals and iron ore railroad transportation up in May 2018

In May West-Siberian Railroad transported 27 million tons of cargo, up by 4.2% YoY and by 14.5% from May 2016.

Coal transportation increased by 3.7% YoY, to 20.8 million tons.

Ferrous metals accounted for 649.3 thousand tons, up by 9.2%, and iron ore – 604 thousand tons, up by 8.6%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: PGOK to see railroad electrified

This year Ukrzaliznytsia intends to finish the electrification of the Potoki – Zolotnishino route, which unites the main railroad with the Poltava Mining and Processing Works. This is expected to improve the efficiency of the company operation. According to Ferrexpo investors and communications director Ingrid MacMahon, the route electrification will decrease the time of products…


Russia: Rusal to modernize Yaroslavsky GOK

In 2019 Rusal intends to start reconstructing the capacities of the Yaroslavskaya Mining Company LLC (Yaroslavsky Mining and Processing Works), which has been idle since September 2013. Commissioning of the enterprise is scheduled for Q3 2020. “The works used to produce calcium fluoride, which cost $406 per ton, while China and Mongolia sold it much…


Russia: Segal commissions new press complex

The Segal foundry-press plant has put into operation a new press machine.

This is the seventh press machine operated by the company. It will help increase output and product quality, as well as strengthen positions on the Russian and foreign markets.

The city mayor Sergey Yeremin participated in the event. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: NKMZ completes delivery of 14 mining machines to Pavlogradugol

With the delivery of 3 heading machines in June Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Works will complete the supply of the large batch of machines to DTEK Energo.

According to the company statement, during the year 14 machines have been produced for DTEK Pavlogradugol.

The cost of the contract is not disclosed. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: InGOK starts processing factory No. 2 repairs

Ingulets Mining and Processing Works has begun the capital repairs of the ore-processing factory No. 2.

According to the company CEO Alexander Gerasimchuk, the wet-crushing mills are being repaired.

“The repair will allow us to decrease unscheduled delays risks, thus stably producing high-quality concentrate”, he said. (Ukrainian metal)