Russia: gold output in Yakutia up in 2018

In 2018 Yakutia became one of the three largest gold extractors in Russia.

The output has reached 29.5 tons, up by 20% YoY.

Aldansky district yielded 12.75 tons of gold.

The Sakha Gold Mining extracted 17.4 thousand ounces of alluvial gold last year.

Polyus Aldan mined 6.209 tons of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

EAEU: electrode import duty zeroed

On February 22 the Eurasian Economic Commission considered a number of integration, trade, as well as customs and technical regulation issues.

One of the decisions was the zeroing of the customs duties on some of grafitized electrodes.

At present the duty is 5%.

The 0% duty is applied till April 30, 2020. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: pipes exports down in January 2019

In January Ukraine exported $48.728 million worth of steel pipes, down by 9.1% YoY.

Imports grew by 54.1%, to $19.118 million.

According to the State Fiscal Service, in January exports dropped by 13.6% MoM, while imports – by 2.3%, to $0.454 million.

USA imported the most pipes – $11.852 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: PGK Novosibirsk subsidiary increases ferrous metals transportation

In January the Novosibirsk subsidiary of the First Cargo Company increased the ferrous metals transportation 1.7-fold YoY, to 38 thousand tons. “The positive dynamics is due to the consumption growth on the domestic market and high demand from North-Eastern Africa and the Near East”, the subsidiary director Yevgeniy Dolzhenko said. Ferrous rolled metal transportation grew…


Kazakhstan: KAZ Minerals profit up in 20188

In 2018 KAZ Minerals profit increased by 14% YoY, to $510 million, thanks to the growth of copper output and sales.

Revenue grew by 30%, to $2.16 billion.

EBITDA went up from $580 million to $642 million.

Copper output increased by 16%, to 296 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Yuzhniy Kuzbass mines 50 million tons of coal at Olzherasskiy pit

Yuzhniy Kuzbass has mined 50 million tons of coal since it put the Olzherasskiy pit into operation.

The coal extraction at the pit started in September 1980.

Its reserves are estimated at 72 million tons.

At present the company is developing two sites – Berezovskiy and Berezovskiy-2. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChMK stainless steel to be used in nuclear industry

Chelyabinsk Iron and Steel Works has successfully passed the audit by Rosatom and has been included in the database of stainless sheet suppliers. The auditors inspected the technological line of the rolled stainless steel manufacture: from raw materials preparation to ready-made products shipping. “Last year we were selling stainless steel for the manufacture of tanks…