Ukraine increases ferroalloys output on January-April 2014

In January-April Ukrainian ferroalloys companies produced 330.5 thousand tons of ferroalloys, up by 27.1% YoY.In particular, silicomanganese output went up by 17%, to 237.9 thousand tons, ferromanganese production increased by 20.1%, to 32.3 thousand tons, while ferrosilicon (45%) more than doubled its results – 60.3 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal) 

Ukrainian pipe output down in January-April 2014

In January-April major Ukrainian pipe companies produced 477 thousand tons of ferrous pipes, down by 16.1% YoY. April saw pipe output on the level of 140.6 thousand tons, up by 3.6% MoM. Khartsyzsk Pipe Works decreased its pipe output from 79.3 thousand tons in January-April 2013 to 61.4 thousand tons this year. In March and…