Russia: steel exports to US up in January-August 2017

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, in 2017 USA will import 35.9 million tons of steel, up by 20% YoY. Russian companies will contribute the most.

In January-August US imported 24.09 million tons of steel, up by 20.5% YoY.

In particular, Russia supplied 2.12 million tons, up by 65.6% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Electrocable Kolchuginsky Plant masters the production of silicone rubber insulated cables

JSC “Electrocable “Kolchuginsky Plant” a part of the “Cable Alliance Holding”, integrating UMMC cable assets) mastered the production of silicone rubber insulated control cables NIKI. Unique properties of this innovative material ensures cables’ high fire-resistance designed for broadcasting signals from sensors to control equipment and for remote control of various machinery. Under flame silicone rubber…


Russia: Nornickel to resume work at Bugdainskoye if molybdenum prices grow

Russian metals giant Norilsk Nickel is ready to return to the development of the Bugdainskoye deposit in the Zabaikalsky region if molybdenum prices grow significantly, Sergei Dyachenko, first vice president and chief operating officer, declared. “We have done almost everything we could on the Bugdainskoye deposit. We have a project, a positive conclusion of the…


Ukraine: Metinvest reselling DMK products to clear debts

Metinvest B.V. has started reselling a part of metal manufactured by Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine, which it receives as payment for raw materials, supplied previously and being supplied still. According to Maxim Zavgorodniy, the executive director of ISD, the owner of DMK, the works supplies only a part of its products to clear debts.…


Russia: bankruptcy proceedings started at Ufaleinickel

The arbitrary court of Chelyabinsk region declared Ufaleinickel bankrupt following the claim of Rost-bank because of the debt of 202.6 million rubles.

The total debt of the company to the bank is 14.6 billion rubles.

In August the company shareholders decided to shut down Ufaleinickel. (Ukrainian metal)