Russia: MMK sales down in May 2018

In May MMK decreased railroad transportation of rolled metal by 11.6% YoY and by 3.4% MoM, to 829 thousand tons. In January-May railroad shipping of metal from MMK increased by 3% YoY, to 4.44 million tons, the highest result in the past 4 years. Deliveries to domestic customers grew by 13%, to 2.85 million tons,…


Ukraine: UMCC to flourish when privatized

The acting director of the United Mining and Chemical Company Alexander Gladushko believes the state ownership limits the enterprise development. “The taxation base is a burden for state companies. It considerably limits the spending on modernization, and the company itself has limited opportunities on reconstruction”, he said. He believes, that the private ownership will allow…


Russia: Rosgeologia to evaluate gold reserves of Okino-Iyskaya territory

Irkutskgeofizika, a part of the state geological holding Rosgeologia, has started the summer field season with the prospecting works at the Okino-Iyskaya territory in Irkutsk region.

The goal of the project is to locate and evaluate R1 and R2 gold resources.

The project will be completed in Q4 2020. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: 5 state mines shut down

The number of operating state coalmines in Ukraine has decreased. “Last year we finished the process of shutting down 5 state mines”, the minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik said. He also named the mines, which coped with the coal output targets. “These are the Yuzhnodonbasskaya No. 1, the mine named after Sugray,…


Russia: coal output to grow in 2018

Russia plans to raise its coal output by around 1% YoY, to 413 million tons in 2018, according to documents signed at a ministerial meeting between Russia and Belarus on June 13. Coal consumption is expected at 192.5 million tons in Russia and 630,000 tons in Belarus, of which 530,000 tons will be imported from…