Russia: CherMK electricity output up in H1 2017

In January-June Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works produced 2.228 billion kW-h of electricity, up by 0.5% YoY, and the highest result in all its history.

The economical effect from the increase of electricity manufacture reached 66.4 million rubles.

The share of the company’s own electricity totaled 79.4%, up by 0.8% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: copper output up in H1 2017

According to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of national economy, in January-June Kazakhstan increased copper cathode manufacture by 5.4% YoY.

Raw zinc output decreased by 0.5%.

KAZ Minerals and KazZinc contributed the most to the output. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DTEK expecting third coal vessel in early August 2017

DTEK expects that the third vessel with anthracite coal from the South African Republic will arrive on August 8-10.

The vessel left the port of Richard’s Bay on July 10, carrying 75 thousand tons of anthracite for Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya thermal power plants. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lvivugol receives 20 million UAH from coal sales

On July 21 Lvivugol received 20 million UAH for selling coal.

According to the press-service of the Lviv regional state administration, all the money will be spent to pay salary to the miners. In particular, miners will get 21% of their June salary. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Beringpromugol resumes Fandyushkinskoye coal mining

After an almost 3-months idleness Beringpromugol has resumed mining coal at the Fandyushkinskoye deposits in Chukotka Autonomous District. In May the company management decided to stop operation until the 40-km road were constructed from the deposits to the port of Beringovsky. The construction has been completed. Moreover, office buildings, specialist workshops and an analytical laboratory…


Russia: Severstal implements SAP TM

Severstal has become the first Russian metal company to have switched to the SAP Transportation Management system. SAP TM is a part of the large-scale Business Standard program, within which Severstal has automated and improved all of its management functions. By using the tender procedures when dealing with transport companies on the online-portal Severstal was…


Russia: OMK changes management

OMK has formed a new board of directors. Anatoly Sedykh, Vladimir Markin, Natalia Yeremina, Svetlana Sobolevskaya and Anastasia Poletayeva have been elected as the new board. Anatoly Sedykh, the ex-chairman, headed the new board. He will be responsible for the strategic development of the company. The deputy chairman Natalia Yeremina has been elected the OMK…


Russia: Artel-DV to get 30 kg of gold in 2017

This year the Artel-DV LLC plans to obtain 30 kg of gold.

At present the company is developing its only Primanjinsky alluvial site. The company began the washing season in June, and so far has yielded 4.5 kg of gold.

Last year Artel-DV obtained 15 kg of gold. (Ukrainian metal)