Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks output down in January-April 2019

In January-April, Zaporozhkoks decreased output by 2% YoY, to 283.2 thousand tons of coke.

At the same time, in April the company produced 70.7 thousand tons of blast furnace coke, up by 5.1 thousand tons YoY.

Zaporozhkoks produces 10% of all Ukrainian coke. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks output down in 2018

In 2018 Zaporozhkoks decreased blast furnace coke manufacture by 0.5% YoY, to 824.7 thousand tons.

The decrease in the output is due to the repair of the coke oven battery No. 5 valued at 73 million UAH.

In December 2018 coke output at the plant dropped by 2.44% YoY, to 71.9 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks net profit up in 2017

In 2017 Zaporozhkoks increased net profit 2.9-fold YoY, to 1.058 billion UAH. According to the company statement, the undistributed profit as of last year totaled 2.3556 billion UAH. Current liabilities grew 2.7-fold, to 5.338 billion UAH, while fixed – by 20%, to 219.912 million UAH. The combined debt of the company increased 2.5-fold, to 6.039…

Ukraine: Azovstal, Mariupol Ilyich, Zaporozhogneupor and Zaporozhkoks CEO offices extended

The supervisory boards of Azovstal, Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, Zaporozhogneupor and Zaporozhkoks, all parts of Metinvest, have extended the offices of their CEO – Enver Tskitishvili, Taras Shevchenko, Sergey Gorman and Vitaly Litovka respectively – for one more year. The decisions were taken on April 2. The offices have been prolonged from April…

Ukraine: employees killed at Zaporozhkoks

Following an explosion at the Zaporozhkoks 4 employees have been killed. “There was an explosion of the gas tank without burning. A subcontracting organization was performing welding and repair works at the tank, which resulted in the explosion. 4 people perished”, the local police said. According to the works security director Vadim Advokatov, the explosion…

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks changes ownership

Shareholders of Zaporozhkoks have changed the ownership of the company from public to private joint-stock company.

This has been done based on the Decree “On joint-stock companies”. The shareholders have also stipulated the new articles of the organization that came into effect on May 1. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks starts supplying coke gas to Zaporizhstal

Zaporozhkoks has started supplying coke gas to Zaporizhstal.

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks extends CEO office

The supervisory board of Zaporozhkoks has extended the office of the general manager Vitaly Litovka.

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks ends 2015 with profits

In 2015 Zaporozhkoks received 250.56 million UAH of profits.

Ukraine: Metinvest buys 1.17% of Zaporozhkoks

Metinvest B. V. has accumulated 52.17% of Zaporozhkoks.

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks hosted coke conference

On October 27-28, Zaporozhkoks hosted the Metinvest by-product coke chemists’ conference.

Ukraine: coke output down in January-May 2015

In January-May Ukrainian by-product coke plants produced 4.26 million tons of 6% moisture coke, down by 40.4% YoY, with May output on the level of 969 thousand tons, and 842 thousand tons in April.