Ukraine: UMCC net profit down in January-September 2018

In January-September the United Mining and Chemical Company received 423.079 million UAH of net profit, down by 27.8% YoY.

EBITDA decreased by 26.7%, to 524.351 million UAH.

At the same time net income grew by 18.3%, to 2.549 billion UAH.

Undistributed profit as of late September totaled 297.083 million UAH. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: ZALK sees losses in January-September 2018

In January-September Zaporozhye Aluminum Works received 106.578 million UAH of net losses as opposed to 118.692 million UAH of net profit in 9 months of 2017.

The company did not have any net income, while last year it totaled 31.891 million UAH.

This year ZALK has not manufactured anything. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DTEK Pavlogradskoye Mine Group ahead of annual plan

DTEK Pavlogradskoye Mine Group has ahead of schedule completed the annual output plan.

The miners yielded 506,900 thousand tons of gas coal 2 months ahead of schedule.

In October the first site started mining coal from the new long face. DTEK invested some 40 million UAH in its development. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Chief Procurement Officer appointed at AMKR

Virdy Bikram has been appointed the Chief Procurement Officer, PJSC ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih. In this position, Bikram is responsible for supply of raw material resources, equipment for investment and strategic projects, materials and services. Virdy Bikram: “I am glad to join PJSC ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih’s team. I believe that my diverse experience in management and…


Ukraine: VostGOK orders ventilation equipment

The state enterprise Vostochniy Mining and Processing Works has ordered Poltava Ventilator Works the delivery of ventilation machinery for 37.1 million UAH. By the end of 2019 the company has to supply, assemble and commission the main ventilation machine for the Novokonstantinovskaya mine in the village of Alekseevka in Kirovograd region. The equipment has to…