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Ukrainian Metal

Ukrainian Metal

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In 2013 coal mining decreased

In 2013 Ukraine mined 24.1 million tons of coal, down by 2.9% (730.4 thousand tons) as compared with 2012. At the same time energy coal mining totaled 17.3 million tons, it is 3.7 thousand tons less than planned. Coking coal production was 10.7% higher than planned (6766.3 thousand tons to 655.5 thousand tons). (Ukrainian metal)


Yuzhniy GOK increased output in 2013

In 2013 Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works (UGOK) increased concentrate output by 5.3%, to 10.936 million tons, as compared with 2012. Sinter output increased by 19.32%, to 2413.8 thousand tons. In December 2013 the works increased concentrate output by 12.92%, to 996 thousand tons YoY, while sinter production rose by 9.5%, to 236 thousand tons.…


Another 49% shares of Stalkanat-Silur sold to a Cyprus company

Liftone Ventures Limited (Cyprus) purchased 49.99% shares (51329829) of the major metal wares manufacturer Stalkanat-Silur, Odessa. Earlier 49.6% of shares were purchased by Bomberio Holdings Limited (Cyprus). Companies intend each to acquire 49.9999% of Stalkanat-Silur. In October 2013 the Antimonopoly Committee permitted both companies to purchase over 25% shares of the works. (Ukrainian metal)


Ukraine earns $85 million on pig iron exports in November 2013

In November 2013 Ukraine exported pig iron worth of $85.53 million, imports amounted to $0.1 million. One of the major importers of pig iron in November 2013 was Italy ($38.19 million). In January-November 2013 Ukraine exported pig iron for $714.94 million, while imports were on the level of $5.19 million. In October 2013 Ukraine exported…


Metinvest companies to supply $1.2 billion worth of rails to Ukrainian Railroads

Ukrzaliznychpostach, the State enterprise of railroad transport provision, chose Metinvest-Ukraine, a Metinvest group company specializing in wholesale in Ukraine and CIS (except for Russia), to supply rails and rail fasteners for 1187.123 million UAH. The offer was accepted on December 24th, 2013, the contract is to be concluded by January 23rd. The products are to…