Russia: CherMK electricity output up in H1 2017

In January-June Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works produced 2.228 billion kW-h of electricity, up by 0.5% YoY, and the highest result in all its history.

The economical effect from the increase of electricity manufacture reached 66.4 million rubles.

The share of the company’s own electricity totaled 79.4%, up by 0.8% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: copper output up in H1 2017

According to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of national economy, in January-June Kazakhstan increased copper cathode manufacture by 5.4% YoY.

Raw zinc output decreased by 0.5%.

KAZ Minerals and KazZinc contributed the most to the output. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DTEK expecting third coal vessel in early August 2017

DTEK expects that the third vessel with anthracite coal from the South African Republic will arrive on August 8-10.

The vessel left the port of Richard’s Bay on July 10, carrying 75 thousand tons of anthracite for Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya thermal power plants. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lvivugol receives 20 million UAH from coal sales

On July 21 Lvivugol received 20 million UAH for selling coal.

According to the press-service of the Lviv regional state administration, all the money will be spent to pay salary to the miners. In particular, miners will get 21% of their June salary. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Beringpromugol resumes Fandyushkinskoye coal mining

After an almost 3-months idleness Beringpromugol has resumed mining coal at the Fandyushkinskoye deposits in Chukotka Autonomous District. In May the company management decided to stop operation until the 40-km road were constructed from the deposits to the port of Beringovsky. The construction has been completed. Moreover, office buildings, specialist workshops and an analytical laboratory…


Russia: Severstal implements SAP TM

Severstal has become the first Russian metal company to have switched to the SAP Transportation Management system. SAP TM is a part of the large-scale Business Standard program, within which Severstal has automated and improved all of its management functions. By using the tender procedures when dealing with transport companies on the online-portal Severstal was…


Russia: OMK changes management

OMK has formed a new board of directors. Anatoly Sedykh, Vladimir Markin, Natalia Yeremina, Svetlana Sobolevskaya and Anastasia Poletayeva have been elected as the new board. Anatoly Sedykh, the ex-chairman, headed the new board. He will be responsible for the strategic development of the company. The deputy chairman Natalia Yeremina has been elected the OMK…