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Ukrainian Metal

Ukrainian Metal is the informational portal. We don’t sell nor buy metal, we just provide information for those who do.
If you want to buy or sell mining-metal products (steel, rolling, stainless, scrap, raw material, ore, iron, pipe, tube, BOF, metallurgy, metal, ferroalloy, alloy, channel, beam, section, coil, wire rod, sheet, plate, slab, bloom, l-section, h-beam, silicium, manganese, chrom, ferrous, non-ferrous, copper, alumina, aluminium, nikel, tungsten, cast, ) in Ukraine, place your offer here – It is FREE.

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Kyrgyzstan: agreement of Centerra with government to attract new investors

“The less conflict fields, the better the dialogue, the sooner the positive investment climate in the country is formed and it becomes more attractive for foreign partners,” head of the Association of Markets, Service and Trade Enterprises Sergei Ponomarev said, commenting on the agreements reached between the Kyrgyz government and Centerra. “All major world investors,…


Russia: MMK mining and processing turns 86

The mining and processing complex of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works comprises of a mine shop, an ore-dressing factory, a sinter shop, a grinding-kilning shop and the sinter charge preparation shop. For the past several years the shop has undergone a massive reconstruction. In particular, the company has reconstructed the sulfur-exhaust machine, which allowed increasing…


Ukraine: ferrous metals export-import in January-August 2017

In January-August Ukraine increased ferrous metals export revenue by 16.2% YoY, to $5.48 billion. According to the State Fiscal Service, ferrous metals accounted for 19.93% of the total exports, down from 20.76% in January-August 2016. In August Ukraine exported $732.55 million worth of ferrous metals, up from $667.7 million in July. In 8 months Ukraine…