Russia: rail output up in January-October 2016

In January-October rail output increased by 34.1% YoY, to 991.5 thousand tons, mostly due to the increase in Russian Railroad (RZHD) purchases. By 2030 RZHD plans to have constructed 13.8 thousand km of heavy weight transportation railroads, as well as 10.5 thousand km of high-speed railroads, which in its turn will increase cargo transportation 1.5-fold,…


Russia: metal deliveries to railroad machine-building plants down in November 2016

In November railroad machine-building plants received 100 thousand tons of ferrous metals, down by 5.7% MoM, but up by 71.2% YoY.

According to the statistics, October saw the best results for the past 2 years.

In January-November deliveries reached 766 thousand tons, up by 46.8% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Belarus: MMZ supplies 2700 tons of metal for NPP construction

In 2016 Mogilev Iron and Steel Works has supplied over 2700 tons of metal for the construction of the Belarus Nuclear Power Plant, up by 131% YoY.

MMZ plans to have delivered 2500 tons more by April 2017. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Mariupol Ilyich starts repairing dip-galvanizing mill

Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works has started an overhaul of its continuous dip-galvanizing mill No. 1.

“We intend to finish repairs in 20 days”, the company CEO Yuri Zinchenko said.

An automatization system will also be installed at the mill. The overhaul will decrease the spoilage in production. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal prices up in November 2016

In November prices of industrial manufacturers increased by 2.2% MoM.

According to the State Statistics Service, in mining and quarrying price increase reached 4.4% MoM, including 10.5% in iron ore mining.

Prices in processing industry went up by 1% MoM, in particular of coke – by 3.2%, in metal manufacture – by 2.2%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: ferrous exports revenue down in January-November 2016

According to the State Fiscal Service in January-November Ukrainian metal companies revenue from ferrous metals exports dropped by 11.8% YoY, to $6625.749 million.

In November revenues from ferrous exports reached $632.86 million.

Imports in January-November totaled $732.992 million, up by 13.9% YoY, with $58.416 million in November. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DTEK losses to drop in 2016

In 2016 DTEK financial results will be negative. “We will have losses, but not that much as in the two previous years”, the company CEO Maxim Timchenko said. The losses decrease has to do with the re-evaluation of the company credit portfolio, decrease in exchange risks and world coal price rise. “This year the situation…


Russia: Uskovskaya mines 2 million tons of coal

Miners of the Uskovskaya mine were the first among Raspadskaya Coal Company divisions to reach the annual target of coal output, by yielding 2 million tons.

Uskovskaya coal is supplied to Evraz companies, as well as other metal and by-product coke enterprises of Russia, Asia and Ukraine. (Ukrainian metal)

Tajikistan: TALCO accused by mistake

The Ministry of Finances has admitted that while preparing the Tajik Aluminum Works 2010-2015 and H1 2016 operational results review it has made some mistakes. “In particular, export-import operations were stated in the company profits that have nothing to do with the company financial activity and, thus, cannot represent its financial state”, the ministry said.…